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1993 SNA Update Information - Top level industry classifications

Clarification description
The SNA 93 industry classification is shown as the ISIC 2-digit classification. In addition to this classification, the ESA 95 includes top level industry classifications which regroup ISIC/NACE positions. They are known as the A3 (three positions)/A6/A31/A60 classifications. These top level classifications are heavily used in the transmission of national accounts data for Eurostat and OECD countries. It would, first, be useful that these top level classifications are defined in the new SNA. Second, a revision of these classifications is in progress in Eurostat, alongside the revision of the NACE/ISIC. A paper has also been prepared by the UN. The OECD/Eurostat and the UN will cooperate to propose top-level aggregations acceptable to all.
Corresponding papers (Click on icon to see document in either pdf or word format)
AEG papers:Posted on 1/23/2006Click here to see pdf documentClick here to see word documentReport on e-discussion on Proposals for two SNA/ISIC aggregations
 Posted on 1/3/2006Click here to see pdf documentClick here to see word documentProposals for two SNA/ISIC aggregations
AEG summaries:Posted on 4/7/2006Click here to see pdf documentClick here to see word documentSNA/ISIC aggregations for SNA data reporting
Number of AEG recommendations:1
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