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Glossary of the 1993 SNA

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Occupied persons
Operating lease
Operating surplus
Opportunity cost
Other accounts receivable/ payable
Other accumulation entries
Other buildings and structures
Other capital taxes n.e.c.
Other capital transfers
Other changes in assets account
Other changes in the volume of assets account
Other current taxes
Other current taxes n.e.c.
Other current transfers
Other depository corporations
Other depository corporations - other
Other deposits
Other equities (and shares)
Other financial intermediaries except insurance corporations and pension funds
Other flows
Other intangible fixed assets
Other intangible non-produced assets
Other land and associated surface water
Other machinery and equipment
Other non-market establishments
Other non-market output
Other non-market producers
Other social security benefits in kind
Other structures
Other subsidies on production
Other subsidies on products
Other taxes on income n.e.c.
Other taxes on production
Other valuables
Other work-in-progress - inventories
Output produced for own final use
Own-account producers
Own-account workers
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