7th Meeting of the Advisory Expert Group on National Accounts

23-25 April, New York, United States


List of Documents

 1AgendaPDF1 KB
 2List of documentsASP2 KB
 5ConclusionsPDF24 KB
 Session 1:Terms of reference and programme of work for the period up to 2014
 1.1Issues paperPDF
 1.2Terms of referencePDFPPT
 1.3Programme of workPDFPPT
 1.4ISWGNA report to the 43rd UNSCPDF
 Session 2:Current research issues and the provision of further guidance on the implementation of the 2008 SNA
 2.1Financial Services Indirectly MeasuredPDFPPT
 2.2Research and Development (R&D)PDFPPT
 2.3Pension liabilitiesPDFPPT
 2.4Issues related to globalizationPDFPPT
 2.5Deposit insurance and financial stability feesPDFPPT
 2.6Other issues part IPDF
 2.6.1The recording and measurement of land and natural resources (and dwellings)PDFPPT
 2.6.2The delineation and classification of holding companies, head offices, and Special Purpose Entities (SPEs)PDFPPT
 2.6.3A combined note on issues related to military expenditures and the definition of catastrophes in the measurement of non-life insurancePDFPPT
 2.6.4Issues regarding the definition and measurement of capital servicesPDF
 2.7Other issues part IIPDF
 2.7.1Holding gains and losses in the estimates for premium supplementsPDFPPT
 2.7.2Imputed estimates for investment income in the estimates for contribution supplements of defined-benefit pension plansPDFPPT
 Session 3:Review of the SNA research agenda
 3.1Issues paperPDFPPT
 3.2Basic accounting rulesPDFPPT
 3.3Issues involving financial instruments and non-financial assetsPDFPPT
 3.4The concept of incomePDFPPT
 Session 4:Review of compilation guidance drafted by ISWGNA members
 4.1Issues paperPDFPPT
 4.2International Guidelines on Statistical Business RegistersPDF
 4.3Handbook on Input Output Table Compilation and AnalysisPDF
 Session 5:The development of training material on the SNA
 5.1Issues paperPDFPPT
 5.2World Bank-Virtual Statistical SystemPDFPPT
 5.3Eurostat-Essential SNAPDFPPT
 5.4SIAP training initiativesPDF
 Session 6:Issues related to the implementation of the System of National Accounts
 6.1Issues paperPDFPPT
 6.2Global implementation programme for the 2008 SNA and supporting statisticsPDF
 6.3Friends of the Chair on the barriers to the implementation of the 1993 SNAPDF
 6.4Guidelines for monitoring the implementation of the 2008 SNAPDF
 6.5Implementations plans of OECD countriesPDF
 6.6SDMX roadmap to develop DSDs for national accountsPDF
 6.7Implementation of the 2008 SNA-Activities of the regional commissionsPDF
 6.8Sectoral accounts and balance sheetsPPT
 Session 7:Connecting to ongoing work in the broader remits of national accounts
 7.1Household sector issuesPDFPPT