3. Working Group on Toponymic Terminology


Mr. Trent Palmer (United States), E-mail: trent.c.palmer@nga.mil

Work programme

A revised glossary of toponymic terminology was published in 2002. Updates were approved in 2007. Since then the focus of the working group has turned to the development of a terminology database. Additionally, the periodic review and update of the existing glossary continues, in accordance with resolution VIII/3 (2002).


The United Nations published the Glossary of Terms for the Standardization of Geographical Names in 2002. The revised Glossary consists of six language versions (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) combined in one volume with appropriate cross-referencing.

The Glossary can be purchased as a United Nations Publication (Sales No. M.01.XVII.7). Also the text can be accessed as a .pdf document on the UNGEGN website (https://unstats.un.org/unsd/geoinfo/UNGEGN/docs/pdf/Glossary_of_terms_revised.pdf)

Working group meetings

The working group most recently met during the Eleventh Conference (2017). The working group may look for an opportunity to hold a virtual meeting in the near future.

Reports of the Working Group