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Global Forum on Gender Statistics

Manila, Philippines , 11-13 October 2010

  ESA/STAT/AC.219/L Work Programme
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/L3 Final Report
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/2 Opening Statement. Paul Cheung, Director, United Nations Statistics Division.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/3 Opening Statement. Suleka Patel, Senior Demographer, World Bank.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/4 Opening Statement. Solita Collas-Monsod, Professor, Philippines.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/5 Keynote address. Edward Sondik, Director, United States.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/6 Roundtable on Incorporating a Gender Perspective into official health statistics. Enrique Tayag, Director, Philippines.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/8 Region-wide Programme to Improve Vital Statistics and Civil Registration Systems. Margarita F Guerrero, ESCAP.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/9 Excess female mortality within the reproductive age group in South Africa. Yandiswa Mpetsheni. South Africa.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/10 Gender Statistics in Myanmar. Marlar Aung, Myanmar.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/11 Presentation by Sri Lanka.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/12 Health statistics in MICS and DHS – a gendered perspective. Holly Newby. UNICEF.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/13 Measuring the mortality and gender statistics through household surveys and population census in Nepal. Nava Raj Lamsal, Nepal.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/14 Health and Gender Statistics in the monitoring of the Habitat Agenda. Gora Mboup,. UN Habitat.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/15 Survey Analysis for Gender Indicators. Sulekha Patel, World Bank.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/16 Trends in maternal mortality 1990-2008. Holly Newby, UNICEF.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/17 The National Maternal Mortality Study, 2007-2008. Manal Sweidan, Jordan.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/18 Measuring Maternal Mortality Rate in Nepal: Initiatives and Efforts Nava Raj Lamsal, Nepal.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/19 Maternal mortality. Marcela Eternod Arámburu, Mexico.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/20 Gender disparities in refugee contexts: Case studies using health indicators. Khassoum Diallo, UNHCR.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/21 Measurement of Maternal Mortality in Maldives. Mariyam Nazviya, Maldives.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/22 Ghana’s Experience in Measuring Maternal Mortality and Maternal Health. Ethel Koney, Ghana.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/23 Measurement of Gender Dimensions of persons with Disabilities in Lao PDR, Thirakha Chanthalanouvong, Lao PDR.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/24 Measurement of Gender Dimensions of Persons with Disabilities - Bangladesh Experience. Md Aynul Kabir, Bangladesh.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/25 Disability status in Ethiopia in 1984, 1994 & 2007 population and housing sensus. Ehete Bekele Seyoum, Ethiopia.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/26 Measuring some Gender Dimensions of Disability in India. Satyabrata Chakrabarti, India.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/27 Measurement of gender dimensions of Persons with Disabilities. Diana Byanjeru, Uganda.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/28 Measurement of Caring Responsibilities of Women and Men in Japan. Shizuka Takamura, Japan.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/29 Unpaid Housework: Women Burden More. Liu Wei, China.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/30 Population Ageing: Care Roles and Responsibilities of Women and Men. Alice Nabalamba, Tunisia.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/30 Identifying Pregnancy Deaths in the United States, 1999-2005.Edward Sondik, Director, United States.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/31 Measurement of caring responsibilities of women and men. María de la Paz López, UNIFEM.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/32 Women’s Roles in Non-economic Activities Using Time Use Surveys in Thailand. National Statistics Office, Thailand.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/33 Violence Against Women. Carmelita Ericta, Philippines.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/34 Advancements in gender statistics and health: experiences from the Western Pacific Region. Anjana Bhushan, WHO/WPRO.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/35 Using health equity approaches for assessing equity in maternal and child health care in Thailand. Phusit  Prakongsai, Thailand.
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  ESA/STAT/AC.219/36 Lesson Learnt from the Estimate of Maternal Death in Thailand. Kanjana Tisayaticom, Thailand.
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