Expert Meeting on Ecosystem Accounts

5 - 7 December 2011, London, UK

Hosted by the Office for National Statistics and the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom
Organised in collaboration with the European Environment Agency, the World Bank and the United Nations Statistics Division

List of Documents

  Annotated Agenda   PDF 22 KB
  Organization of Work   PDF 21 KB
  Minutes of the Meeting   PDF 172 KB
  ISSUE 1 Policy applications  
    Presentation of Discussant on policy applications (P. ten Brink)   PPT 5,309 KB
  ISSUE 2 Structure of accuonts  
    Towards an Integrated Structure for SEEA Ecosystem Stock and Flow Accounts (M. Vardon, M. Eigenraam, J. McDonald, R. Mount, A. Cadogan-Cowper)   PDF 1,393 KB
    An Experimental Framework for Simplified Ecosystem Capital Accounts (J.L. Weber)   PDF 251 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on structure of accounts (C. Obst)   PPT 534 KB
  ISSUE 3 Land cover mapping, land cover classifications, and accounting units  
    Land Cover Mapping in Canada with Respect to Ecosystem Accounting (P. Adams, M. Bordt, G. Filoso, and G. Gagnon)   PDF 1,781 KB
    Ecosystem Statistical and Accounting Units, Land Cover, Remote Sensing and Adjustments (R. Mount, B. Allison, P. Tickle, V. Bordas)   PDF 456 KB
    Definition and Classification of the Socio-Ecological Landscape Unit (J.L. Weber)   PDF 142 KB
    Accounting Units for Ecosystem Accounts (A. Alfieri, D. Clarke, I. Havinga)   PDF 54 KB
    Land Cover Classification for Ecosystem Accounting (A. di Gregorio, G. Jaffrain, J.L. Weber)   PDF 1,017 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on land cover mapping, land cover classifications, and accounting units (L. Kolttola)   PPT 291 KB
  ISSUE 4 Carbon accounts, nitrogen and phosphorus balances and soil accounts  
    Carbon Stock Accounts (J. Ajani)   PDF 224 KB
    Accounting for Carbon in the National Accounting Framework: A Note on Methodology (H. Gundimeda)   PDF 56 KB
    Constructing the NPP and Biomass Accounts and Ecosystem Carbon Balance Index: A Methodological Note (E. Ivanov, R. Haines-Young, J.L. Weber)   PDF 440 KB
    Greenhouse Gas Reporting in Carbon Accounting of SEEA Ecosystem Accounts (J. Muukkonen)   PDF 140 KB
    Provision of Ecosystem Services by Soil Resources (R. Vargas Rojas)   PDF 3,615 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and soil (R. Haines-Young)   PPT 1,634 KB
  ISSUE 5 Landscape accounts and landscape ecological potential  
    Issue paper on Landscape accounts and Landscape Ecological Potential (J. L. Weber)   PDF 367 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on landscape ecological potential (L. Hein)   PPT 3,241 KB
  ISSUE 6 Biodiversity accounts and indexes  
    Key Concepts for Accounting for Biodiversity (J. McDonald)   PDF 708 KB
    Developing a Diagnostic Species and Biotope Index for Europe (E. Ivanov, R. Haines-Young, J.L. Weber)   PDF 742 KB
    Issue Paper on Biodiversity Accounts and Indices: Some Comments on the Difference between the Australian and Norwegian Approaches (P.A. Garnåsjordet)   PPT 1,875 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on biodiversity accounts and indexes (R. Harris)   PPT 76 KB
  ISSUE 7 Ecosystem Health/Total ecological potential  
    Accounting for the Condition of Environmental Assets (P. Cosier)   PDF 798 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on the condition of environmental assets (P.A. Garnåsjordet)   PPT 1,432 KB
  ISSUE 8 Classification of ecosystem services  
    Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services (CICES): 2011 Update (R. Haines-Young and M. Potschin)   PDF 1,271 KB
    Classification and Prioritization of Ecosystem Services (S. Maynard and S. Cork)   PDF 438 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on the classification of ecosystem services (H. Gundimeda)   PPT 813 KB
  ISSUE 9 Prioritization of ecosystem services  
    Prioritization of Ecosystem Services for Ecosystem Accounting (L. Hein)   PDF 313 KB
    Prioritization of Ecosystem Services for Ecosystem Accounting (R. Haines-Young)   PDF 579 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on the prioritization of ecosystem services (A. Steurer)   PPT 813 KB
  ISSUE 10 Principles of monetary valuation  
    Monetary Valuation for Ecosystem Accounting (M. Pittini)   PDF 444 KB
    Valuation of ecosystem goods and services in Victoria, Australia (M. Eigenraam, M. Vardon, J. Hasker, G. Stoneham, J. Chua)   PDF 516 KB
    Some Notes on Prospects for Including Natural Lands as Sources of Ecosystem Services in National Accounts (R.D. Simpson)   PDF 129 KB
    Presentation of Discussant on principles of monetary valuation (G.M. Lange)   PPT 187 KB
  An experimental framework for ecosystem capital accounting in Europe (EEA)   PDF 627 KB
  SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounts: A proposed outline, road map and list of issues (UNSD, EEA, and the World Bank)   PDF 118 KB
  Ecosystem services: Key concepts and applications (Australian Dept. of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts)   PDF 2,200 KB
  Proposal for a common international classification of ecosystem goods and services (CICES) for integrated environmental and economic accounting (University of Nottingham and EEA)   PDF 646 KB
  Net landscape ecological potential of Europe and change: 1990-2000 (EEA)   PDF 3,174 KB
  Natural Capital Asset Index (Scottish Natural Heritage)   PDF 550 KB
  The Nature Index: A general framework for synthesizing knowledge on the state of biodiversity (Norwegian Ministry of Environment)   PDF 907 KB
  The Nature Index: General framework, statistical method and data collection for Norway (Norwegian Institute for Nature Research)   PDF 1,410 KB
  Indicators as communication tools: an evolution towards composite indicators (A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network)   PDF 3,188 KB
  The building blocks for land and ecosystem accounting (Australian Bureau of Statistics)   PDF 1,057 KB
  Integrating Forest Resources into the System of National Accounts in Maharashtra, India (G.S. Haripriya)   PDF 72 KB
  Accounting for India's Forest Wealth (G. Atkinson and H. Gundimeda)   PDF 216 KB
  Natural Resource Accounting for Indian States: Illustrating the Case of Forest Resources (H. Gundimeda, P. Sukhdev, R.K. Sinha, S. Sanyal)   PDF 718 KB
  Point of View on Policy Applications, Accounting Units and Principles of Monetary Valuation, and Québec's Experience (S. Uhde)   PDF 169 KB
  Linking the Ecosystem Accounting Framework with Country-specific Indicators (A. Hauser, B. Schweppe-Kraft, E. Schwaiger, M. Nagy, C. Schlatter)   PDF 234 KB
  Land Accounting in India: Issues and concerns (S. Suresh Kumar)   PDF 84 KB
  Rethinking Global Biodiversity Strategies (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)   PDF 6,311 KB
  Biodiversity: How Much is Left?, The Natural Capital Index Framework (Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment)   PDF 9,416 KB
  Recommendations Adopted by the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice at its Fifteenth Meeting (SCBD)   PDF 228 KB
  Contribution to Beyond GDP „Virtual Indicator Expo“ (Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)   PDF 408 KB