United Nations
Department of Economic and Social Affairs
Statistics Division
24 - 26 June 2009, New York


List of Documents

    Opening Statement by Paul Cheung, Director of UNSD PDF 28 KB
  UNCEEA/4/1 Preliminary Organization of Work PDF 27 KB
  UNCEEA/4/2 List of Documents HTML  
  UNCEEA/4/3 List of Participants PDF 35 KB
  UNCEEA/4/4 Minutes of the Meeting PDF 161 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P1 Climate Change - National Inventories of Greenhouse Gas Emissions  
  - Presentation PPT 600 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P2 Climate Change - Bali Road Map, Climate Change and Official Statistics  
  - Presentation PPT 307 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P3 The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)  
  - Presentation PPT 5,994 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P4 Resource Efficiency & Resource Productivity  
  - Presentation PPT 4,790 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P5 Global Green New Deal  
  - Paper PDF 776 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P6 Dutch environmental accounts  
  - Presentation PPT 1,340 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P7 A Framework for Developing Environmental Statistics  
  - Paper PDF 310 KB
  - Presentation PPT 581 KB
  UNCEEA/4/P8 Natural Resources Accounting for Forestry Sector - A Case Study  
  - Presentation PPT 1,459 KB
  UNCEEA/4/5 Mandate and Governance of the new United Nations Committee of Experts  
  - Paper PDF 72 KB
  - Presentation PPT 119 KB
  UNCEEA/4/6 Programme of work for the UNCEEA - A proposal  
  - Paper PDF 48 KB
  - Presentation PPT 109 KB
  UNCEEA/4/7 Progress Report London Group  
  - Paper PDF 61 KB
  UNCEEA/4/8 Draft Annotated outline of Volume 1 of the revised SEEA  
  - Paper PDF 115 KB
  - Presentation PPT 246 KB
  UNCEEA/4/9 Valuation of ecosystem benefits and damages in the SEEA - Progress Report  
  - Paper PDF 64 KB
  - Presentation PPT 114 KB
  UNCEEA/4/11 Land Cover and Land Use Classifications in the SEEA Revision  
  - Paper PDF 63 KB
  - Presentation PPT 678 KB
  UNCEEA/4/12 Timeline and Process for the Revision of the SEEA  
  - Paper PDF 59 KB
  - Presentation PPT 93 KB
  UNCEEA/4/13 Funding situation for the project - Revision of the SEEA  
  - Paper PDF 33 KB
  - Presentation PPT 99 KB
  UNCEEA/4/14 Review of the Mandate of the Intersecretariat Working Group on Environment Sstatistics  
  - Paper PDF 34 KB
  UNCEEA/4/15 Linking Agricultural Statistics to Environmental Statistics  
  - Presentation PPT 159 KB
  UNCEEA/4/16 Implementation of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting for Water  
  - Paper PDF 225 KB
  - Presentation PPT 111 KB
  UNCEEA/4/17a Experiences Monitoring Global Drinking Water and Sanitation targets  
  - Presentation PPT 3,394 KB
  UNCEEA/4/17b Global Annual Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water  
  - Presentation PPT 1,559 KB
  UNCEEA/4/18 Expert Group Synthesis Meeting: Outcomes and Key Conclusions  
  - Paper PDF 149 KB
  UNCEEA/4/19 Implementation of SEEA Water in Europe - EEA  
  - Presentation PPT 5,647 KB
  UNCEEA/4/20 Environmental Statistics - Statistics and Economic Projections Division Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean  
  - Presentation PPT 1,833 KB
  UNCEEA/4/21 Developing Water Accounts for the Arab-ESCWA Region  
  - Paper PDF 271 KB
  - Presentation PPT 3,793 KB
  UNCEEA/4/22 International Recommendations for Energy Statistics - Progress Report  
  - Paper PDF 54 KB
  - Presentation PPT 110 KB
  UNCEEA/4/23a SEEA-Energy: Progress Report  
  - Paper PDF 79 KB
  - Presentation PPT 92 KB
  UNCEEA/4/23b Reflection Group on Energy Accounts  
  - Paper PDF 79 KB
  UNCEEA/4/24 SEEA-MFA: Drafting Process  
  - Paper PDF 55 KB
  - Presentation PPT 93 KB
  UNCEEA/4/25 Report of the Oslo Group on Energy Statistics  
  - Presentation PPT 11,715 KB
  UNCEEA/4/26 14th Meeting of the London Group on Environmental Accounting - Report of the Meeting  
  - Paper PDF 109 KB
  UNCEEA/4/27 Work on material flows and resource productivity - OECD  
  - Presentation PPT 1,042 KB
  UNCEEA/4/28 Outcome of the Work of the Working Group on Statistics for Sustainable Development and the Creation of a new Task Force for Measuring Sustainable Development  
  - Paper PDF 36 KB
  UNCEEA/4/29 Joint Task Force of the UNECE Committee on Environmental Policy and the CES on Environmental Indicators in the CIS Countries to Further Strengthen Environmental Reporting  
  - Paper PDF 36 KB
  UNCEEA/4/30 Plans for Undertaking Work on Statistics on Climate Change under the Auspices of the Conference of European Statisticians  
  - Paper PDF 27 KB
  UNCEEA/4/31 OECD-Eurostat Task Force - Emission Permits in the National Accounts  
  - Paper PDF 35 KB
  UNCEEA/4/Bk1 Report on the Global Assessment of Water Statistics and Water Accounts, prepared by UNSDPDF 949 KB