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Country Profile of Samoa

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Statistical Services Division
Web address
Organizational structure and finance
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Assistant CEO (Economic & Finance)
Assistant CEO (Demographic & Survey Statistics)
Senior Statistician
Statistical Officer
Main duties
(a) To advise the Government on matters pertaining to statistical policy and to direct and co-ordinate the statistical work of all Government Departments:
(b) To collect statistics and related information as to the economic, social, and demographic and other characteristics and/or activities of persons, businesses, other organizations and institutions:
(c) To compile, analyze and disseminate official statistics and related information:
(d) To promote and assist non-governmental statistical activities and collaborate with non-governmental organizations in the collection, compilation, analysis and dissemination of statistical information obtained from the of such non-governmental organizations:
(e) To take the census of population, housing and agriculture of Western Samoa as provider by this Act:
(f) To prepare and issue all forms, instructions and directions, and take such other action as may be necessary to exercise his powers under this Act:
(g) To supervise generally the administration of this Act.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
Ministry of Education
Central Bank of Samoa
Ministry of Police and Prisons
Ministry of Health

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
The composition and the delegated responsibilities of the members of the Statistics Advisory Board are specified in the Statistics Act. Its functions shall be to review regularly the statistical needs of Government and those of commerce and industry, academic and research bodies, and other users of official statistics in Samoa, and in the light of such reviews to advise or direct the Statistician regarding annual and 5-yearly programmes of work and priorities in official statistics to be undertaken by the Department of Statistics to best serve the national interest.

Data collection
Most recent population census
5 November 2006
Data confidentiality
Any officer having custody of a schedule furnished by a person in pursuance of this Act shall not permit such schedule to be seen by any person other than an officer sworn to secrecy under this Act without the consent of the person by whom or in respect of who the schedule was furnished, nor shall such officer knowingly reveal, publish, or otherwise disclose the contents of a schedule furnished in pursuance of this Act in a manner which would enable particulars relating to any individual person to be identified as such, by any other person, without the written consent of the person to whom the particulars relate, and on his conviction for an offence against this section such officer shall be liable to fine not exceeding $400.
Except for purposes of a prosecution under this Act, no officer having custody of a schedule or copy of the schedule which has been furnished in pursuance of this Act, shall be required by subpoena or otherwise to produce the return or any part or copy of the return, as evidence in a Court of law or for any other judicial or administrative proceedings.

Data dissemination
Main publications
Monthly Consumer Price Index
Demographic & Vital Statistics Survey 2000
Demographic & Health Survey Report 1999
Agricultural Survey 2002
Census of Population and Housing 2001
Household Income And Expenditure Survey 1997
i. Consumer Price Index Report
ii. Unpaid Household Activities Report
iii. Food and Basic Needs Expenditure Report
iv. Tabulation Report
Languages of main publications
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Paper, Website.

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