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Country Profile of United Republic of Tanzania

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)
Web address
Organizational structure and finance
The Permanent Secretary shall be responsible for the strategic management of the Bureau, due regard being had on the need to uphold the Bureau's functioning as an executive agency of the Government.
The Director General of the National Bureau of Statistics appointed on a competitive basis by the Minister upon
recommendations of the Board.
Director General of the bureau shall be the Chief Executive officer responsible for the day to day management of affairs of the Bureau including funds, property and business of the Bureau and for the administration, organisation and control of the staff.
The Director General shall be an ''ex-officio'' member of the Board.
Subject to laws relating to recruitment, the Director General shall engage such other officers and employees as he may consider necessary or desirable for the efficient and effective exercise of powers and the discharge or performance of the functions of the Bureau.

The funds and resources of the Bureau shall consist of:-
the sums borrowed, received by or made available to the
for the purposes, of the discharge of its functions;
Borrowing powers Moneys received for goods and services provided under this Act; the sums borrowed, as may be appropriated by Parliament for the Bureau; the Bureau may obtain loans or other credit facilities from any person for the purposes of meeting obligations of the Bureau; the donations, grants and bequests as the Bureau or the
Board may receive from any person of body of persons.
Main duties
1. The mission of NBS is "to facilitate planning and decision making within the government and the business community, to stimulate research and inform public debate through the provision of relevant, reliable and timely statistics and a quality statistical service in general"

2. The staff shared vision is for "the NBS to be the authoritative source of statistical information pertaining to socio-economic conditions in the country, an institution able to provide such information most effectively, a point of reference on statistical methodology and standards" and a centre for co-ordinating statistical activities in view of producing statistics that are consistent

The NBS is the only agency entrusted to provide official statistics to the Government, business community and the public at large. The NBS endeavours to pursue this important mission on behalf of the Government, efficiently and diligently, by cutting down unnecessary costs. It has the capacity and technology to deliver the required statistical services to the nation. The staff consists of qualified professional statisticians, who have been selected carefully to cater for the new roles of the NBS as an agency. The NBS is therefore ready for the challenge in t delivering this service by reducing operational costs and to finance its operations by setting inviting prices on the products and services rendered.

The NBS has committed itself to maintaining the capacity to be a prominent player in the delivery of statistical services in the country and to make a significant contribution to the activities of the national economy..

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
The NBS, as a Government agency, was formed from the former Bureau of Statistics to provide efficient services, giving increased value for money for the benefit of the Government and the general public. NBS carries out its activities in a businesslike manner, using commercial financial management, and business-planning techniques and is customer focused.

Legal basis
Legal basis
Statistical practices are at present (Dec. 2001)governed by the Statistics Ordinance of 1961, which is considered no longer adequate for a modern statistical system. A draft new Statistics Law has been prepared and will soon be presented to parliament. This new Statistics Law aims to provide a more accurate legal underpinning of the role of the NBS and lists the following functions for the institution:
· Drawing-up an overall national statistics plan for official statistics and keep it under continuous review
· Establishing statistical standards and ensure their use by all producers of official statistics
· Co-ordinating statistical activities in the country
· Collecting, compiling, analysing and disseminating statistics and related information
· Maintaining an inventory of all available official statistics in the country and to assist users in obtaining international statistics · Providing statistical services to official bodies and the public at large
· Providing a contact point for international organisations and foreign institutions in need of statistics on Tanzania. It is expected that the new Statistics Law, when passed, will significantly enhance the capacity of the NBS to co-ordinate, set standards in statistics and be the custodian of official statistics in Tanzania.

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
There shall be a Ministerial Advisory Board, hereinafter
the Board referred to as the Board, whose members shall be appointed by the Minister.
The Board shall consist of the Permanent Secretary of the
Ministry responsible for statistics who shall be the chairman and not more than eight other members.

Data collection
Most recent population census
24-25 August 2002
Access to administrative data
The Bureau may make an agreement with any Ministry or
Government Department, 1ocal authority or statutory body concerning information that they have authority to collect or to be collected jointly by the Bureau and the other Ministry or Government Department, local authority or statutory body and that such information be exchanged
between the agreeing parties provided that the respondent shall, by notice in writing, be informed that the information is being collected Jointly by the Bureau with a Ministry or Government Department, local authority, Or statutory body, which notice shall state the purposes to which the information will be Put.

Data dissemination
Main publications
Concept and Definitions for Official Statistics in Tanzania - November, 2005
Basic Education Statistics in Tanzania (BEST): National Data - 1995-2005
Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey 2004-2005 - Preliminary Report
Central Register of Establishments (CRE) as at June, 2005
Tanzania Revenue Authority / National Bureau of Statistics Final Report on Stakeholders' perception survey, 2005
Age and Sex Distribution Vol. VII.June, 2005 - All Regions
Tanzania in Figures 2004
The Economic Survey 2004
Hali ya uchumi wa Taifa katika mwaka 2004
Tanzania National Profile Data in Brief Vol. V (D) October, 2004
2002 Population and Housing Census: Village and Street Statistics
2002 Population and Housing Census: Regional Profiles Vol. VI. December, 2004.
Languages of main publications
Swahili, English.
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?

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