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Country Profile of Swaziland

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Central Statistical Office (CSO)
Web address
Position in the government
The Central Statistical Office is a department under in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Development. This department is headed by a Director who reports to the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Planning and development.
Organizational structure and finance
There is a Director of Statistics and Principal Statistician.

Multi-annual or annual work program
The CSO uses a draft 2004 - 2008 strategic plan. Although not officially approved by government it is partly used by the CSO.
Main duties
(a) raise public awareness about the importance and role of statistical information in society,
(b) collect, process, analyze and disseminate quality statistical information in a coordinated and timely manner,
(c) promote the use of “best practice” in statistical production and dissemination,
(d) promote the use of statistical information at individual, institutional, national and international level, and
(e) build sustainable capacity for the production and use of statistical information in the country.
(f) Re-orient users and motivate suppliers as to their roles in data production

Legal basis
Legal basis
The Central Statistical Office operates within the legal framework of the Statistics Act of 1967 which also covers the issues of collection/interpretation of statistical information, confidentiality of individual information, and possible violations.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
a. The Central bank of Swaziland,

b. Line ministries (Ministry of Finace, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Enterprise and Employment, Department of Customs and excise)

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
Even though the National Statistical Committee was established, it lacks the effectiveness. Currently, CSO is revising the statistics act, which defines semi-autonomus status for the office.

Data collection
Most recent population census
28 April - 14 May 2007
Access to administrative data
CSO has access to the administrative data.
Data confidentiality
The CSO's personnel are not authorized to disclose individual/business related information, unless such permission is obtained. Data is disseminated in aggregate forms e.g. averages, totals, proportions, ratios, etc.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
The CSO does not have a release calendar. CSO sections releases data as when it is available.
Main publications
The main publications are as follows:
Annual Statistical Bulletin (ASB)
Census Analytical Reports
National Accounts Report
Consumer Price Indices Report
Education Statistics Report
Short Term Economic Indicators Report
Annual Agricultural Statistics Report
Agricultural Census Report
Transport Statistics Report
Health Statistics Report
Trade Statistics
Household Surveys Reports
Languages of main publications
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Paper, CD Rom, Website, and print Media.
Availability of microdata for research purposes
CSO provides access to the microdata on request and it is provided without identifiers.

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