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Country Profile of Seychelles

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
National Statistics Bureau
Web address
Position in the government
National Statistics Bureau is an autonomous department of government.
Organizational structure and finance
The National Statistics Bureau is headed by the Chief Executive Officer. There are four divisions: Corporate Support, Trade & Tourism Principal Statistician, Census and Survey Principal Statistician, and National Accounts Principal Statistician.
The funds of the Bureau shall consist of –
(a) moneys authorised by an Appropriation Act or a
resolution of the National Assembly and paid to the
(b) moneys lawfully borrowed by the Bureau; and
(c) moneys received by the Bureau as rent, interest, fees
and other charges.
Multi-annual or annual work program
No less than 4 months before the beginning of each financial
year, the Bureau shall submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a plan of work for the financial year setting out all major statistical collections and publications planned for the year.
Within 3 months after the end of each financial year, the
Bureau shall present a report of its activities during the year to the Cabinet of
Main duties
The Mission Statement of the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) is β€œto assist and encourage informed decision-making, research and discussion within government and the community, by providing a high quality, user-oriented Statistical Service; to actively co-ordinate the statistical activities across government agencies and promote the use of statistical standards.”

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
The National Statistics Bureau was formed under a new Act at the beginning of 2006.

Legal basis
Legal basis
National Statistics Bureau Act, 2005

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
Trades Tax Division
Central Bank of Seychelles
Employment Division
Immigration Division
Ministry of Land Use and Habitat

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
Under the new Act, a National Statistics Council has also been established. This Council is made up of the major producers and users of statistics who will provide advice and guidance on the statistical programmes defined by the National Statistics Bureau.

Data collection
Most recent population census
August 2002
Access to administrative data
National Statistics Bureau has access to administrative data collected by government divisions and ministries.
Data confidentiality
(a) no individual return or part thereof made for the
purposes of this Act;
(b) no answer given to any question put for the purposes
of this Act;
(c) no report , abstract or other document, containing
particulars comprised in any such return or answer so
arranged as to enable identification of such particulars
with any person,
shall be published, admitted in evidence, or shown to any person not employed in the execution of a duty under this Act unless the previous consent in writing thereto has been obtained from the person making such return or giving such answer:
Provided that nothing in this section shall prevent or restrict the publication of any such report, abstract or other document without such consent where the particulars in such report, abstract or other document enable identification merely by reason of the fact that the particulars relate to an undertaking or business owned by the person which is the only undertaking or business within its particular sphere of activities.

Data dissemination
Main publications
Key Annual Indicators
Consumer Price Index
National Accounts
Languages of main publications
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Paper, CD Rom, Website.

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