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Country Profile of Qatar

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Qatar statistics Authority
Web address
Position in the government
Organizational structure and finance
Statistics Authority structure:
Technical cooperation unit
Communications unit
Deputy prsident:
Department of Adminstration and finance
Department of Infomation and technology
Department of Economic statistics and national accounts
Department of Household surveys, and statistical methods
Department of Socio-demographic statistic ans statistical analysis

Multi-annual or annual work program
Statistical publications
Work shopS
Main duties
The statistical department as a center for collecting statistical data concerned of the following tasks:
▪ Publish yearly and periodically statistics that covers all economic and social sectors.

▪ Coordinate with local, regional and international enterprises to supply them with data and information needed about Qatar.

▪ Carry out statistical surveys by means of census or samples to collect social and economic data and make it available for governmental, public and private sector to make use of it.

▪ Technical supervision on surveys and census that governmental or private entities might wants to do and audit their statistical results.

▪ Continuous effort in developing and enhancing the methodology of conducting census and surveys.

▪ Develop and maintain a geographical information system and integrate it with the statistical information systems.

▪ Develop and update manual and statistical references for social and economic activities.

▪ Analyze, design, develop, maintain, and administrate the information systems needed by The Planning Council.

▪ The official source for statistical data about the country.

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
The Qatar Statistics Authority (QSA) is the official entity responsible for statistical production in Qatar.

Since 1980, QSA has accomplished various activities related to preparation of statistical data and construction of statistical database. In 1986, QSA has implemented the first census; moreover, QSA has implemented surveys on family income and expenditure in 1982 , 1988and 2001 respectively. In 2004, QSA has carried out a population and housing census.

Legal basis
Legal basis
The law in Qatar covers all QSA's activities, and ensures confidentiality of individual data collected during the surveys.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
Producers of official statistics are :
Qatar Central Bank
the Ministry of Education.
the Ministry of general Health.
and other line ministries.

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
There are Statistical advisory body .

Data collection
Most recent population census
16 March 2004
Access to administrative data
QSA has access to the administrative data.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
QSA has publish a release calendar.
Main publications
General Statistics:
- annualStatistics abstract
-Qatar In Figurers
Popluations Statistics:
-Popluations and housing census
-Vital Statistics (births and deaths)
-Vital Statistics (marriages and divorces)
Econmic statstics:
-Foreign Trade(import)
-Foreign Trade(export)
-Industrial & Energy Statistics
-building PermitsStatistics
-Banks & Insurance Statistics
-Hotel & Restaurantss Statistics
-Transport & Communications Statistics
-Business Services Statistics
-Pricing Statistics
-Navigation Statistics
-Whole Sale & Retail Statistics
Languages of main publications
Arabic-English Languages
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Statistical data is disseminated through publications(hard copy) ,cd rom and the website.
Availability of microdata for research purposes

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