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Country Profile of Mozambique

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Instituto Nacional de Estatistica (INE)

Web address
Position in the government
The Instituto Nacional de Estatistica (INE) the central executive body of the Nacional Statistics System (SEN). The Council of Ministers supervises the INE, and has delegated this task to the Minister of Planning and Finance.

INE is an institution in public law, with technical, administrative and financial autonomy. INE reports to the Council of Ministers, and the Cabinet has delegated its task to the Minister of Planning and Development. The INE is not required to submit any publication to Government entities for approval prior to release.
Organizational structure and finance
By law, the President of the INE is responsible for choosing the projects to be undertaken as well as the methodology to be used. The President of INE defines the time, the method, and the periodicity of publication or dissemination of statistics produced by the institution.

There are 6 directorates, see the Organisation Chart of INE.

Government funding to statistics is relatively low, about 40% of INE's requirements.
Multi-annual or annual work program
With input from the members of the National Statistics System, INE prepared the SEN Strategic Plan, setting forth the vision, mission, and objectives of the SEN for a period of five years (2003-2007). This document establishes the general framework for statistical activity in Mozambique in coordination with other institutions, in the process of collecting, processing, and disseminating statistical series. In 2009, it is recommended that INE should ensure that the implementation of the strategic plan is monitored regularly at all levels of the organization.

The INE is responsible for preparing the strategic (PEST), the five-year (PEN) and the annual National Statistics Plan and annual Activities Report. The PEN was also prepared with the cooperation of the other members of the SEN and users.

INE carried out evaluation of the PEST and PEN 2003-2007 and preparing the framework and methodologies for the next PEST and PEN for 2008-2012.

For each year there is one Business Plan for the entire SEN.
Main duties
The INE is the central executive body of the National Statistics System (SEN), as defined in Law nº 7/96, of 5 July, responsible for collecting producing and disseminating official statistical information of general interest to the country.

In terms of the provisions of article 3, paragraph 2 of Presidential Decree nº 9/96, 28 August, the INE is entrusted with the following attributes: notation, ascertaining, publishing and coordinating the statistical data that may be requested by the government in terms of its annual plan of activities, approved by the supervising Ministry, taking into account the strategic and operational plan of national statistical activity to this 2003-2007 laid down by the Higher Council of Statistics.

Without prejudice to the pursuit of the attributes mentioned in the previous paragraph, to carry out statistical operations that make it possible to satisfy, under economically viable conditions, the specific needs of public and private users of statistics: such users shall specifically request these operations and cover their costs. To pursue its attributes, the INE shall, in particular:

• Undertake surveys, censuses and other statistical operations;

• Create, centralise and manage the files considered necessary, namely of statistical units;

• Have access, for exclusively statistical purposes, to individualised data concerning public and private companies, cooperatives, credit institutions, traders and other economic agents, including individual entrepreneurs, gathered in the framework of their mission by the central, provincial and local public administration, or by private institutions that hold leases on public services;

• Undertake studies in pure and applied statistics, and carry out socio-economic analyses, based on the statistical data produced under the SEN.

• Promote the training of staff for the national statistical system, together with appropriate education institutions;

• Cooperate with foreign and international organisations in statistics areas.

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
The Instituto Nacional de Estatistica (INE) was created by the Presidential Decree 9/96 of 28 August 1996. Before was National Directorate of Statistic under the Ministry of Planning and Finance.

Legal basis
Legal basis
The legal basis of the National Statistics Institute is Law 7/96 of July 5, 1996, passed by the Assembly of the Republic, establishing the National Statistics System (SEN). This law may be viewed on the INE Portal: ( The SEN is an organic whole made up of the institutions and entities responsible for official statistical activity in Mozambique. It is responsible for ensuring that resources are used rationally and optimally, and for the technical/methodological harmonization and expansion of the supply of official statistical information, with maximum quality and minimum costs.

INE was created by Presidential Decree 9/96 of August 28, 1996, under the reform of the SEN begun with the approval of the Framework Law 7/96 on the SEN, approved by the Assembly of the Republic on 5 July that year.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
Under the Mozambican Statistical Act, the Bank of Mozambique is responsible for the monetary and financial statistics. By INE agreement the Central Bank is also responsible for the production of the Balance of Payments.
The INE may delegate its activities to other state institutions (delegated organs - ODINE). Currently, the INE delegated agencies are: the Ministry of Agriculture, for agriculture statistics; ; the, Ministry of Fisheries for fishing statistics; the Ministry of Health, for health statistics; the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Science and Technology, for education and culture statistics; and Ministry of Labor, for labor market statistics. The statistics produced by these entities are also considered official.

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
1. Higher Council of Statistics (Conselho Superior de Estatística –CSE)
The CSE is chaired by the Prime Minister and comprises representatives from the line Ministries, the President of INE, a representative of the Central Bank, three representatives from the private sector (agriculture, industry and services), and two representatives from the academia. This body supervises, guides and coordinates the SEN. Its meetings take place ordinarily twice a year to evaluate the SEN Annual Report and appreciate the SEN Activities Plans to be approved by the Government.

2. Population and Housing Census Council (Conselho Coordenador de Recenseamento Geral da População e Habitação)
The Population and Housing Census Council also chaired by the Prime Minister comprises 10 other members of the Cabinet and the President of INE. Its mandate is to guide, and supervise all activities for the Population and Housing Census. Two years before the census day this SEN organ initiate its work and held regular meetings. Apart of supervision/ oversee of all Census process, the major tasks of this organ is to approve the Census Work Plan, Census Budget, and the objectives of the Census.

3. The Consultative Council is a body that supports the President of INE. It consists of the President, the Deputy Presidents and the directors of the INE’s Headquarters. At the INE President decision, the provincial delegates may also participate in meetings of the Consultative Council. Whenever the nature of the Consultative Council’s work so requires, the President of the INE may invite other staff. Representatives from the Central Bank and from Delegated Organs also take part in this Council once a year when the Annual Report and the Business Plan is the main topic of the meeting.

At the INE President request, the Consultative Council shall pronounce upon aspects of programming, organisation, coordination, integration and analysis of how the INE and SEN is functioning.

4. Technical Council for Methodological Coordination
The Technical Council for Methodological Coordination is a body that supports the President. It consists of the President, the Deputy Presidents and those leaders of INE Headquarters who are appointed to this end by the President.
The Technical Council for Methodological Coordination, also known as the Technical Council, shall deal with technical coordination, analysis of technical matters related to the activities of the SEN and the INE. Following the INE President request the Technical Council provides opinions on different statistical subjects. The Technical Council meets whenever convened by the President of the INE.

Data collection
Most recent population census
The last Population Census was 1 - 15 August 2007.
Access to administrative data
The INE encourages voluntary responses and tries to forge good relations with data providers. The INE uses advertising spots in the mass media to publicize important statistical data collection events. The questionnaires contain a short introduction/ summary of the objectives of the survey or census and the INE is always available to provide assistance to respondents on how to complete the questionnaires. To guarantee the trust of survey respondents, the questionnaires include the basic assurances of statistical secrecy and confidentiality.

According to Articles 8 and 9 of Law 7/96 on the SEN, the INE is responsible for collecting, compiling, and disseminating statistical information independently and impartially. The INE publishes statistical information on an impartial, autonomous, independent, and simultaneous basis for all users of the information.
Data confidentiality
Articles 7 and 14 of Law 7/96, the SEN Law, relate to the principle of statistical secrecy and confidentiality, respectively. According to Article 7, the principle of statistical secrecy consists of the INE’s obligation to protect individual statistical data concerning individuals or collective entities, collected for the purpose of producing statistics. Article 14 states that all individual statistical information, collected by official statistics-producing agencies within the SEN, are strictly confidential. Access to individual databases is restricted to officials who request information in their official capacities. Protections are in place to prevent unauthorized access to confidential databases.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
Publications Periodicy & Date
Statistical Year Book 2005 Annual July
Provincial Statistical Year Book 2005 Annual March
Estatísticas Básicas–Quanto 2005 Annual May
Mozambique in Figures 2005 Annual May
Agenda Estatística 2006 Annual November
Consumer Price Index 2005 Annual May
Consumer Price Index 2005
- Cidade de Maputo Montly 10 days after
Consumer Price Index 2005 – Beira Montly 20 days after
Consumer Price Index 2005 – Nampula Montly 25 days after
Consumer Price Index 2005– Mozambique Montly 30 days after
A Conjuntura Económica Quartely 90 days after
National Accounts 2005 Annual End of November
Índices da Actividade Económica Montly 60 days after
Tourism Statistics Annual Jun
Transport and Communication Statistics Annual Jun
External Trade Statistics Annual Jun
Report of Non Profits Institutions
(CINSFLU) Ocasional
Industrial Statistics Annual Jun
Report of Informal Sector Survey
(INFOR) Occasional
Crime and Justice Statistics Bi-annual September
Report of Survey Labour Force (IFTRAB) Occasional
Statistics and Socials Indicators Bi-annual December
Prices and Financial Conjuntura
(Bank of Mozambique) Quartely 3 months after
Montly Conjuntura Boletin Mensal 3 months after
Labour Force Statistics Boletin Annual
Education Statistics Annual Jun
Education Indicators Annual September
Boletim Epidemiológico 2005 Annual Jun
Perfís Sanitários Provinciais 2005 Annual Jun-05
Results of Agriculture Survey 2005/2006 Annual -
Agriculture Statistics Annual -
Sistema de Informação de
Mercados Agrícolas Occasional Jun
Statistics Boletin (Bank of Mozambique) Annual 3 months after
Balance of Payment Boletin Annual
Fisheries Statistics Annual Jun
Main publications
See portal:
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Languages of main publications
Portuguese, English
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Hardcopy, CD Rom, Internet webpage, online databases and databanks
Availability of microdata for research purposes
For research purposes packages of information on economics and socials are available in hardcopies (publications at INE library), CD Rom, online databases and databanks posted at the INE Internet Webpage:
- Sectorial Data (tourism, constructions, communications, industrial, external trade, agriculture, fisheries, labour force)
- National Accounts aggregates
- Consumer Prices Index
- Provincial Statistical Yearbook
- Annual Provincial GDP figures
- Provincial Statistical Studies
- Education and Health Data
- Population Projections by provincial and districts
- Socio-Demographic Indicators
- Financial and External sector (Bank of Mozambique

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