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Country Profile of Kazakhstan

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Web address
Position in the government
The Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an independent public office, which is not part of the government structure. The Chief Statistician reports to the Prime-Minister.
Organizational structure and finance
System of state statistics bodies in the Republic of Kazakhstan

o Central office of the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan

o Regional statistical departments (14 regional departments of statistics as well as departments of statistics of Almaty and Astana cities)

o Republican State Enterprise "Information and Computer Centre"

o Republican State Enterprise "Kazstatinform"

The activity of Agency is financed by the republican budget.

The agency can’t enter contractual relations with subjects of business for performance of the duties being functions of Agency.

If the orders of Republic of Kazakhstan give to Agency the right to realize the activity bringing incomes, the incomes received from such activity, refer to the income of the state budget.
Multi-annual or annual work program
There is a third programme in progress named 'Programme of enhancement of state statistics for 1999-2005'. The programme is approved by the Government and is a basis for forming the budget for the Agency.
Main duties
The basic tasks of the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan are as follows:

o pursuing the public policy and management of state statistics;

o ensuring activity and improvement of uniform statistical information system on the basis of scientific methodology and international standards;

o assuring integrity, reliability, and sufficiency of statistical data;

o comprehensive and objective studying, generalizing and analysing economic and social processes and tendencies of the development that occur in the country.

The Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with the assigned tasks performs the following basic functions:

o carries out an informational support to the activity of state management bodies and economic entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the statistical data;

o develops and carries out the programs on improvement of state statistics in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

o provides accumulation, maintenance and updating of the informational and statistical databases on socio- economic status of the country and its regions;

o determines a minimal set of indicators of state and branch statistical reporting that reflect the socio- economic and demographic processes, carries out population censuses, arranges market study at the enterprises and interrogations on studying of the population living standards, and other special surveys;

o presents statistical information to the international organisations in accordance with the obligations under the agreements in force as well as carries out an exchange of statistical information with foreign countries;

o publishes and distributes statistical compendiums, bulletins, economic reviews and other statistical materials in accordance with established procedures;

o ensures safety of state and commercial secrets, confidentiality of primary statistical information in accordance with current legislation.

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
The statistics of Kazakhstan roots in the remote past. There are historical acknowledgements to statistical data on the first Kazakh state - Kazakh Khanstvo: in the beginning of its foundation (1459) in valleys of the rivers Shu and Talas (now Zhambyl region) the population was 200 thousand people, and by the end of XV century it has reached 1 million.

However, the origin of more or less regular and centralized statistical activity at the territory of modern Kazakhstan concerns to the second half of XVIII century, i.e. to the period of occurrence of Kazakhstan to the Russian empire. The first general census in its territory, as well as in all imperial Russia, has been carried out on February, 9 (January, 28) 1897.

The first official state statistical organ formed at the territory of Kazakhstan is the Turkestani provincial statistical committee (date of establishment is January, 22, 1868) and subordinated to him statistical bureaus in Syr-Darya and Semirechenskaya regions. In the middle of 70th years of XIX century the Ural regional statistical committee, in 1877 - Semipalatinskiy and Akmolinskiy (in Omsk) and in 1895 - Turgayskiy regional statistical committees were organized. However, there was no the statistical organ uniting specified and other local statistical services in Kazakhstan till 1920.

With formation of the Kazakh Independent Socialist Republic in structure of RSFSR (on August, 26, 1920), the Government of Kazakh ASSR has ratified «Rule of the state statistics in Kazakh ASSR» with the order from November, 8, 1920 and has formed Statistics division of ASSR. Thus, the date of establishment of centralized statistical organs is considered the 8th of November, 1920.

For last fifteen years the Agency of Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan conditionally passed following phases of development:

1) the Agency’s formation as the National body creating basic methodological know-how, national accounts system standards’ introduction (SNA 93) in 1992-1996.

2) development of methodology of the integrated accounts and SNA tables; start of the regular use of international and co-ordinated statistical classificatories; the beginning of creation of statistical registers; introduction of statistical methods of the information on small enterprises; introduction of new technologies of the information and communication in 1996-1998.

3) actual introduction of the international classifications in all areas of statistics formation; successful carrying out the first Kazakhstan population census of 1999 and development of demographic social statistics; introduction of progressive methods of mass data processing, reception of the technical help within the international cooperation during 1995-2005.

4) realization of the improving Program of the state statistics, including revision of methodologies and classifications, adaptation of developing international standards, the beginning of the metagiven and integrated classifications system introduction is 2006-2008;

5) modernization of processes of data processing, revision data gathering system introduction of modern technologies in the field of data processing (storehouse of the data, the electronic statistical reporting, etc.), active investments into development of the personnel and the expansion of the international cooperation since 2008.

Legal basis
Legal basis
Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, of 7 May 1997, Nr 98-1, Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, "ON STATE STATISTICS" with amendments and addenda, introduced by the RK Law of 15.01.2002 Nr 280-II, Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On state statistics", the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan is an authorised body that forms and implements public policy in the field of statistics, develops and carries out programs on improvement of statistics in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of June 30, 1998 "On further measures of optimisation of the public administration authorities", the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a central executive body that is not included in the structure of the Government.

The Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan is independent in the field of statistical accounting methodology and technique; it administers the activity of its territorial divisions, co- ordinates the activity of subordinated organisations.

The normative legal acts of the authorised statistical management body are obligatory for all natural persons in cases established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as for the legal persons.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
Large number of the state entities have a right to conduct statistical observations: National bank, tax and customs committees, ministry of education,health, culture and sports, agriculture, transport and communication etc.

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
There is an Inter-agency Council on Statistics headed by the First Deputy Prime-Minister.

Data collection
Most recent population census
25 February 2009
Access to administrative data
There is a provision in the Statistical Law. However there is a big problem to obtain data from tax authorities. Administrative sources are not very well developed.
Data confidentiality
The primary statistical information is confidential. It cannot be used for realization control or others, not connected with statistical activity, functions assigned to the state bodies if other is not stipulated by the current legislation.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
On basis of statistical activities scheme, which has been approved by the regulation of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from 30 Dec.2008 № 1294.
Main publications
Report "Socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (Monthly)

Pocket hand-book "Socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan" (Monthly)

Economics and Statistics (Quarterly)

Statistical review of Kazakhstan (Quarterly)

Kazakhstan and CIS countries (Quarterly)

CIS countries (Quarterly)

Kazakhstan and it's regions (in official and Russian language) (Quarterly)

Statistical abstract of Kazakhstan (Annual)

Statistical Yearbook of Kazakhstan (in Russian and English language) (Annual)

Regional Statistical Yearbook (Annual)

Kazakhstan in figures (in official and Russian language) (Annual)

Statistical Bulletin (in English and Russian language) (Quarterly)

Statistical press-bulletin (Quarterly)

Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regions 1998-2001 (Annual)

Construction in Kazakhstan for 1998-2001 (Annual)

Investment Activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 1998-2001 (Annual)

Agriculture, forestry and fishery in Kazakhstan for 1998-2001

National Accounts of the Republic of Kazakhtsan (Annual)

Finances of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 1998-1999 (Annual)

Fixed assets (funds) of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Annual)

External trade and joint business of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Annual)

Labor and employment of the population in Kazakhstan (Annual)

Demographic yearbook of Kazakhstan
Languages of main publications
Kazakh, Russian, English
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
On the web-site there are presented electronic versions of all statistical compendiums, which are issued by the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan on paper carriers by all branches of statistics from 1998-2001.

Pages of the bulletins are represented in the form of output tables in HTML format, and these might be easily downloaded into Word or Excel for further using. The pages of compendiums and magazines are placed in PDF format, which is convenient for quick review and printing.

A site has a hierarchical structure, which let easily and quickly to find necessary information. For convenience of users all bulletins contain archival quality files; this will let for users to save time of work in INTERNET.

There are annual and operative data by months as well as totals of population census in the base.

Information on the site is supplemented every day in accordance with approved schedule of publication of the Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan statistical materials.
Availability of microdata for research purposes
This question is not solved. There is a determined procedure for scientific purposes.

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