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Country Profile of Iraq

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology (CSOIT)
Web address
Position in the government
CSOIT's head reports to the Ministry of Planning.
Organizational structure and finance
The CSOIT is headed by the Chairman of CSOIT. The main departments are: Technical Affairs, Information Technology, Financial and Administrative Affairs, and The Departments which are related to the Office of Chairman of Central Org. for Statistics and Information Technology. Each of those is headed by a director-general. CSOIT has 18 Local Statistics Directorates, one for each governorate.
Multi-annual or annual work program
CSOIT operates under an annual work plan.
Main duties
The Central organization for statistics and Information Technology regards as a technical specialist authority in all various statistics operations in Iraq. COSIT has a moral personality which carries out its works according to internal system and undertakes the following tasks:-

1. Implementation of general population and housing censuses.
2. Implementation of statistical operations which are related with various fields and surveys in sample, In addition to all operations and statistical procedures such as agricultural, industrial … etc.
3. Collect, unify, prepare, analysis and summarize the statistical operations results totally or partially.
4. Preparing and updating database related to doing elections, referendums and the preparation of voter lists whenever needed.
5. Publishing and printing the statistical pamphlets and reports, in addition to establish of training courses, symposiums and statistical conferences.
6. Participation in international cooperation in the statistical fields and exchange the experiences with the Arabic and International scientific institutions and organizations which operate in statistical field.
7. Technical supervision on some statistical operations which are carried out by directorates in the other ministries and official authorities.
8. Establishing of integrated data banks.
9. Preparing of researches and studies which lead to develop the statistical work.
10. The Participation in training and enhancing the statistical capabilities in other official institutions.
11. Activation of statistical work through implements the censuses and statistical surveys which are carried out by Arabic and Regional organizations.
12. Supplying the geographical information system (GIS) service for all beneficiaries from COSIT directorates and the sector departments in the ministry.
13. Administrate the networks centrally and make back up for all systems to protect them from damage.
14. Participation in design the planning policies for Information Technology sector in coordinate with other ministries and authorities.
15. Provide central maintenance for all users of computers, networks and other related instruments.
16. Installation, supporting and supplying software, hardware and other equipments to the directorates of ministry, according to what is available and the tasks which entrusted to it and the provision of internet services to employees of the ministry and its management.

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
In Thirties of last century the statistics office was department in the Ministry of Economy and Transport, after it was divided into two ministries, in 1939 this branch was joined to the ministry of Economy and named (The main office for Statistics).

In 1956, this department was merged with statistical offices and sections of some government departments and enterprises therefore it was named (Central office of Statistics).

In 1959 Authority of Implementation Law was issued and according to that, Ministry of Planning had been established and the Central office of Statistics was joined with Ministry of Planning then raised to general directorate in 1/7/1959.

In 1968 Ministry of Planning system was issued, that Central Statistical Organization (CSO) was established according to it and headed by consultant degree.

In 2004 the systematical and technical structure of the ministry were reconsidered which became Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation to conform actually to the nature of its activities and tasks.

The central statistical organization (CSO) has been renamed to The Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology (COSIT)after establishing of a general directorate that named (Information Technology Directorate).

COSIT specialized in statistical processes concerning with population census, sampling census and all statistical operations such as agricultural, industrial, economic, social, financial and monetary, cultural and other that related to formal and semi formal, public and private institutions, companies in general and Individuals, In addition to citizens status and their activities that serve planning , national development and scientific research.

Legal basis
Legal basis
The Statistics Law No. 21 was issued for the year 1972 and covers the duties and responsibilities of CSOIT as well as those of respondents/individuals and institutions.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
a. All Iraqi ministries

b. NGOs

c. UN Agencies: UNDP, UNICEF, WFP, FAO

d. Academic and research institutions

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory body was not established.

Data collection
Most recent population census
16 October 1997
Access to administrative data
CSOIT has access to all administrative data. .
Data confidentiality
Individual data of household surveys and censuses has never been used for non-statistical purposes.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
CSOIT publishes a release calendar.
Main publications
1. Annual abstract

2. Sectoral reports (annually)

3. Reports of statistical surveys.
Languages of main publications
All publications: Arabic, some: English.
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Paper and CD-Rom.
Availability of microdata for research purposes
Ad hoc committee within the CSOIT has authority to consider as well as to grant the requested microdata.

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