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Country Profile of Grenada

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Central Statistical Office (CSO)
Web address
There is no website. Contact information for Statistics Department:
Statistics Department
Telephone: (473) 440-1369
Fax: (473) 440-4115
Position in the government
The Statistics Department is a department in the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Industry.
Organizational structure and finance
A Department Head, who reports directly to the Permanent Secretary, manages the Statistics department.
Main duties
The Statistics Act says that shall be established a Central Statistical Office in the Ministry of the Minister responsible for Statistics, the duties of which shall be: (a) to take any census, (b) to collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish statistical information relating to the social, agricultural, economic, commercial, industrial and general activities and conditions of the inhabitants of Grenada; (c) to collaborate with Ministries and Departments of Government, and with public bodies, in the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of statistical records of administrations and departments; and (d) generally to organize a coordinated scheme of social and economic statistics relating to Grenada.

Legal basis
Legal basis
The Statistics Act of 1960 provides for the establishment of a coordinated statistical systems and for the taking of censuses and surveys for the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of statistical information and for other matters related thereto.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
o Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB)

o Ministry of Finance

Data collection
Most recent population census
25 May 2001
Data confidentiality
Regarding the Security of Information, Section 9 of the Statistics Act states: Except for the purpose of a prosecution under this Act- (a) no individual return, or part thereof made for the purposes of this Act; (b) no answer given to any question put for the purposes of this Act; and (c) no report, abstract, or other documents containing particulars comprised in any such return or answer so arranged as to enable identification of such particulars with any person, undertaking or business, shall be published, admitted in evidence, or shown to any person not employed in the execution of a duty under this Act, unless the previous consent in writing thereto has been obtained from the person making such return or giving such answer, or, in the case of an undertaking or business, from the owner for the time of the undertaking or business: Provided that nothing in this section shall prevent or restrict the publication of any such report, abstract, or other documents, without such consent where the particulars in such report, abstract, or other document, enable identification merely by reason of the fact that the particulars relate to an undertaking or business which is the only undertaking or business within its particular sphere of activities, so, however, that in no case shall such particulars enable identification of the costs of production, the capital employed, or profits arising in, any such undertaking or business." Under Section 10 the Act provides for statutory penalties against anyone violating the confidentiality of Statistical information.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
All members of the public have simultaneous access to the data produced by the Central Statistical Office (CSO). The CSO is examining methods to improve the notion of simultaneous access to data.

The CPI has a regular release period. This will serve as a basis for developing an advance release calendar.
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