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Policy paper "Publishing system, dissemination of statistical information and providing of further outputs and services of the SO SR"

Publishing system, dissemination of statistical information and providing of further outputs and services of the SO SR

Publishing system and dissemination of statistical information


The basic form of accessing data to all users there are statistical publications. The list of all publications, which the SO SR plans to issue in the given year, is listed in the Catalogue of Publications. The Catalogue of Publications contents basic characteristics of prepared publications, as title, periodicity, date of issue, kind of publications (numeric, analytical,...), price, form of providing (hard, electronic), brief annotation and language mutation.

The first data release

The first data release is performed by publishing information report. Deadlines of the first release of selected data categories are given in the Calendar of Publications. It contents dates for the forthcoming 4 months. It is available on the Internet web page of the SO SR, in the monthly publications Bulletin of the SO SR and Economic Monitor of the State of Economy of SR. Terms are given as a precise date or the latest one. In the case of the latest one the precise date of release is to be announced at the latest till the end of working shift in the previous week.

Information reports are released on the Internet web page of the SO SR at 9 a.m., at the day given in the publishing calendar (regular reports), or at the day stated in advance (extra reports). Simultaneously they are also available this time at the press officer and at the Information Service of the SO SR.

It is possible to provide basic statistical data before the first release in reasonable cases for working purposes to the bodies of general government, to the National Bank of Slovakia, to international organisations with the "embargo" stamp, in which there is stated sate of embargo validity.

Press meetings

The purpose of press meetings is mainly the first release of basic economic and social data, providing of information on processing special or significant statistical surveys and informing on statistical surveys being prepared. It is called by the press officer on the base of the decision of the President of the SO SR. At the press meeting written form of data and information is provided there as well.

Internet page

Internet page of the SO SR ( consists of basic information on the office, publishing calendar, basic data on economy of SR, programme of statistical survey, examples of statistical forms and further menu of products and services. Its content is gradually amended and extended.
The national summary page of data on Slovakia is by hyperlink connection exposed on the electronic bulletin of the IMF at the address http:/

Providing of further outputs and services

The SO SR provides besides regular forms of publishing and dissemination of data (publications, information reports, press meetings, Internet page) also number of further data and services which are significant supplementary source of data for professionals from various fields, but also for broad public.

If providing data calls for specialised outputs from regular statistical processing, non-standard outputs or selection from database, we follow processing of data only on the base of written order and on reward. Orders may be directed only to the Information Service of the SO SR. Prices of provided data and outputs are given according to the Price List of Information Services of the SO SR.

The Information Service of the SO SR provides customers also with information on publications, statistical data (which are not at the disposal), on services and conditions of its provision. It accesses data to users by phone, fax and in electronic way. It provides consultations to probable methodological questions. It helps users who have problems with defining their demand.

Sales of publications takes place in a shop situated at the SO SR building. It is open in working days from 9 a.m. - till 12 a.m., on Wednesday also from 2 p.m. - till 4 p.m.

While releasing, publishing and providing statistical data to users there is consequently followed the principle in wording of the law on official statistics. Individual data are possible to be provided only on the base of agreement of appropriate reporting unit.

The SO SR besides mentioned services publishes also nomenclatures and classifications, files activities of natural and legal persons for the purposes of allocation of the value added tax, assigns identification numbers of organisations and issues various confirmations (e.g. on inflation rate, on average monthly wage of employee in economy of SR, number of population of certain district).

Evaluation of products and services of the Statistical Office of the SR

The Statistical Office of the SR (SO SR) provides its products and services free of charge or on reward.

Free provision

Statistical information are provided free of charge to:
* users defined by the law on official statistics
* international organisations, only if it concerns mutual exchange of data or if it follows international contract with the Slovak Republic
* selected institutions on the agreement base and under precisely defined conditions
* press media

Provision on reward

While pricing information, products and services there are following basic principles:
* prices are the same for all customers
* price depends on kind, extent and expenditures on preparation
* prices of publications are published in the Catalogue of Publications of the SO SR
* prices of further kinds of outputs, information and services is constituted by the Price List of Information Services of the SO SR
* while press outputs there are considered expenditures on printing, while providing data in electronic form expenditures connected with preparation of file into appropriate form
* in all cases there are included in price also expenditures on distribution
* while each demand on reward, customer is informed about total calculation of expenditures in advance. After agreement of price by customer, we start to realise the demand.

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