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Country Profile of Pakistan

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Statistics Division
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Position in the government
Statistics Division frames policies for development of statistical services in the country. It provides solid statistical base to national and international planners, policy makers, researchers and other data users in various socio-economic sectors, under the Finance Minister/Secretary, Statistics Division.

It has three attached departments:

- Federal Bureau of Statistics - FBS
- Population Census Organization - PCO
- Agricultural Census Organization - ACO
Organizational structure and finance
The Statistics Division is mandated to frame policies and plans for statistical development and improvement of statistical services in the country. It provides a solid data base to the planners, policy and decision makers in the Government and researchers & other data users in various socio-economic sectors. The Division consists of an Administration Wing and a Technical Wing known as "Planning, Evaluation & Research Cell (PE&R Cell)" and has the following three attached departments:

1. Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS)

2. Population Census Organization (PCO)

3. Agricultural Census Organization (ACO)
Multi-annual or annual work program
An annual work programme is prepared and approved by the competent authority.
Main duties
Production of reliable, authentic, timely and transparent statistical data compatible with the needs of the economy and socio-economic development requirements of the nation. Specifically:

1. Preparation of an overall integrated plan for development and improvement of Statistics in Pakistan and to estimate the budgetary requirements thereof.

2. Preparation of annual programme in accordance with agreed priorities and to assign responsibilities for the execution of their component items.

3. Examination and clearance of budgetary proposals for annual programs for statistical improvements and developments.

4. Formulation of policy regarding general statistics for Pakistan and implementation thereof by suitably adopting the statistical system of Pakistan to conform with the policy.

5. Coordination with the Provincial and Federal Governments, semi autonomous bodies and international organizations on statistical matters bearing directly or indirectly on such subjects as trade, industry, prices, expenditure, input-output accounts, flow of funds, balance of payments, etc.

6. Evaluation and introduction of standard concepts, definitions and classifications pertaining to national statistical series.

7. Preparation and implementation of in-service and foreign training programme in the field of statistics.

8. Evaluation of efficient computerized methods for statistical estimation.

9. Clearance of statistical projects undertaken by different organizations on a contract basis.

10. Preparation, printing and release of publications on national statistics.

11. Undertaking of national censuses and surveys.

12. Industrial Statistics Act, 1942.

13. Administration of the General Statistics Act, 1975.

14. Agricultural Census

15. Population Census

16. National Livestock Census

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
After independence of Pakistan, a Central Statistical Office (CSO) was set up by the Government of Pakistan in 1950 as an attached department of the Economic Affairs Division. Since then the statistical system was reviewed from time to time by both local and foreign consultants. In 1972, on the recommendation of IBRD Mission, the Central Statistical Office (CSO) was upgraded to a full-fledged Statistics Division. The Division was re-organized in 1981 and its technical wing (the then CSO) was converted into Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) as one of its attached departments.

Legal basis
Legal basis
o The Industrial Statistics Act, 1942 - Act No. XIX of 1942

o General Statistics Act, 1975

o The Agricultural Census Act, 1958

o Census (Population) Ordinance, 1959

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
At provincial level, Provincial Bureaux of Statistics are established to meet the data requirements of the provinces. Different statistical cells also established in Ministries at Federal and Provincial level.

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
National Statistical Council, Technical Advisory Committee and various Panels and Working groups composed of Public and private sector personnel are established for the purpose. The General Statistics Acts stipulates the following about the National Statistical Council.

1. For the whole of Pakistan the Federal Government, and for a Province a Provincial Government, may, by notification in the official Gazette, constitute a Council to be called respectively the National Statistical Council and a Provincial Statistical Council consisting of such members, including a Chairman, as it may appoint.

2. The Chairman and members of the Council shall hold office during the pleasure of, and on such terms and conditions as may be determined by, the appropriate Government.

3. The Council shall regulate its own procedure.

4. Functions of the Council

The following shall be the functions of the Council, namely:-

a. to coordinate the functions of the Statistics Authorities and competent authorities and to advise them as to the ways and means of achieving efficient, adequate and prompt results;

b. to approve of the priorities for filling gaps in statistical data and, for that purpose, to allocate functions to the Statistics Authorities;

c. to draw up schemes for avoiding duplication in the formulation and execution of statistical programmes and to resolve differences in that respect;

d. to make competent advice and guidance available to Statistics Authorities, competent authorities and statistical agents in the matter of large-scale statistical operations and projects;

e. to ensure economic and efficient utilization of field services, machine tabulation equipment and other scarce resources;

f. to promote research and training in statistics; and

g. to perform such other functions as the appropriate Government may, from time to time, direct.

Data collection
Most recent population census
2-18 March 1998
Access to administrative data
Through statistical Acts, NSO has the right of access to administrative records.
Data confidentiality
General Statistical Act guarantees the confidentiality of individual data. Specifically:

Art. 11. Secrecy of answers, information and returns.

All answers to the questions received and all information and returns furnished under this Act shall be confidential and shall not be :-

a. used for any purpose other than compilation of statistics under this Act;

b. published in a form which may disclose the state of affairs of any particular individual, firm or institution;

c. divulged, except with the written consent of the person answering the question or furnishing the information or return, to any person not connected officially with the enquiry in relation to which the said answers, information or returns have been called for;

d. accessible to the inspection of any person otherwise than for the purpose of prosecution for contravention of the provisions of this Act, or

e. disclosed to any person, or used or, notwithstanding anything, contained in the Evidence Act, 1872 (I of 1872), be admissible in evidence in any proceedings to which the person giving the answer of furnishing the information or return is a party, except for the purpose of prosecution for contravention of the provisions of this Act.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
Publishes a Calendar of Activities for the Year on the website, the most recent calendar is for 2007-08.
Main publications
A complete list is located on the website.

Price, Foreign Trade, and Industrial Statistics.

Pakistan Statistical Pocket Book

Year Book of Statistics Division

Monthly Statistical Bulletin

Labour Force Survey

Census Bulletins

Census of Agriculture

Languages of main publications
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Paper, Website.
Availability of microdata for research purposes
In this age of information technology, the researchers/user are extending their demands for data at micro level. Consequently FBS has revised its data dissemination policy:

I. Level/Format of Data to be supplied

To maintain the confidentiality of statistical data, the micro level data may be supplied on tapes/diskettes after removing the micro-level identification only after publication of report.

II. Terms and Conditions for Data User/Researcher

a. The user shall provide an undertaking that the data collected from FBS will not be supplied to any other person/organization either free of cost or on payment.

b. The user shall acknowledge the source of data and supply copies of the research work/articles (published/unpublished) to FBS.

III. Confidentiality of Information

It will be ensured that the statistics supplied will not disclose in any way the identity and state of affairs of any individual, firm or institution in strict compliance of the General Statistics Act, 1975.

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