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Country Profile of China, Macao SAR

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Statistics and Census Service (DSEC)
Web address
Position in the government
The Statistics and Census Service is a government organization in the Macao Special Administrative Region, under the leadership of the Secretariat of Economy and Finance. It is in charge of the orientation, co-ordination, integration, execution and control of all statistical activities in the Special Administrative Region.
Organizational structure and finance
DSEC is headed by one Director who is assisted by two Deputy-Directors. The duties are shared by 7 sub-units:
Department of Statistical Coordination and Integration (DCIE);
Department of Industrial, Construction and External Trade Statistics (DEICCE);
Department of Services and Prices Statistics (DESP);
Department of Demographic, Social and Employment Statistics (DEDSE);
Department of Computer and Information (DSII);
Division of Promotion and Dissemination of Information (DPDI);
Division of Administration and Finance (DAF).
Multi-annual or annual work program
- Population Census
- By Census
- Household Budget Survey
Main duties
DSEC’s mission is :
-To implement the objective of "Statistics are here to serve you" that is in line with the people-oriented spirit; to provide timely, accurate and relevant statistical information to members of the public and government departments; to provide enquiry services on statistics to our users;
-To ensure that compilation and dissemination of statistics are conformed to scientific principles, international standards and are in accordance with the actual situation of Macao;
-To build a high-calibre, efficient, enthusiastic and courteous team of statistics professionals that assist the public and businesses in completing survey questionnaires, ensure effective protection of data confidentiality pertaining to individual respondents and establishments.

Being technically autonomous, DSEC is responsible for:

- producing demographic, social, economic and environment statistics;
- carrying out integrated analysis and studies of the statistical data;
- executing necessary actions for the supervision and co-ordination of all statistical activities in the SIEM (Statistical Information System of Macao), taking into account the recommendations and opinions of the CCE (Consultative Committee of Statistics) as well as the statistics produced by AMCM (Monetary Authority of Macao) for the money and finance sector.
- monitoring regulation compliance of the statistical activities and the corresponding penalties.

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
The Statistical Information System of Macao (SIEM) was first established in 1984 with the objective of providing statistical information which is conducive to the social and economic developments of Macao. SIEM comprises the following parties: the Statistics and Census Service, the Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM), which are the two official organs of statistics compilation, Consultative Committee of Statistics (CCE) and other authorized organs of statistics.

Legal basis
Legal basis
-Organization Structure of Statistics and Census Service - Decree 61/96/M and Order 81/99/M
-Statistical Information System of Macao - Decree 62/96/M
-Registration of Questionnaires or Instruments for Recording Primary Information - Dispatch 220/GM/99 (Extract)
-Confidentiality of Statistics and Approval of Official Statistics Dissemination - Dispatch 242/GM/99 (Extract)

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM)

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
Consultative Committee of Statistics (CCE)

Data collection
Most recent population census
Population and Housing Census on 19 August 2006
Access to administrative data
Source data related to education, health, environment, law and order, visitor arrivals and vital statistics, etc., are primarily from administrative records of relevant government departments and public institutions.
Data confidentiality
Statistical data disseminated by the DSEC are governed by the Regulations of Statistical Confidentiality. Disclosure of any personal information or information pertaining to the characteristics of an individual or establishment is prohibited.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
To meet with public demand, the DSEC releases summarized statistical results at the earliest possible time through mass media. The released information is also uploaded onto the Internet for the public to browse or download at any time. Additionally, relevant documents are published and catalogues of unreleased information are available for public access.
Schedule for releasing statistical information is posted on the website in the preceding quarter to the general public.
Main publications
The statistical data produced by the DSEC cover a broad spectrum, including demography, employment, education, healthcare, environment, crime, external trade, tourism, prices, service industry, construction, transportation, communications, wholesale/retail, industrial production, energy as well as GDP.

To enable public access and understanding of the various statistical figures, the DSEC compiles and publishes relevant methodologies, concepts and analytical reports.
Main publications are:
- General

o Yearbook of Statistics
o Macao in Figures
o Monthly Bulletin of Statistics
o Principal Statistical Indicators of Macao
o Macao Economic Bulletin

- Demography

o Census 2001
o Demographic Statistics
o Estimates of Macao Resident Population

- Society

o Health Statistics
o Education Survey
o Environment Statistics

- Labour

o Employment Survey
o Manpower Needs and Wages Survey

- Tourism and Service Sector

o Visitor Arrivals
o Package Tours and Hotel Occupancy Rate
o Visitor Expenditure Survey
o Tourism Statistics
o Restaurant and Similar Establishment Survey
o Travel Agency Survey
o Tourist Price Index
o Service Sector Survey
o Gaming Sector Survey
o Transport and Communications Statistics
o Transport, Storage and Communications Survey

- Distributive Trade and Price

o Consumer Price Index
o Wholesale and Retail Trade Survey
o Retail Sales Survey

- Industrial production and Energy

o Industrial Survey
o Balance of Energy

- Construction

o Macao Construction Indicators
o Private Sector Construction Statistics
o Indices and Daily Wages of Construction Workers
o Indices and Prices of Construction Materials
o Transactions on Real Estate
o Construction Statistics
o Construction Survey

- External Trade

o External Trade Statistics
o External Trade Index

- National Accounts

o Gross Domestic Product

- Direct Investment

o Direct Investment Statistics

- Others

o Company Statistics
Languages of main publications
Chinese, Portuguese and English
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
1. Summarized survey results of common interest are released to the general public through the local media;
2. Full information is uploaded onto the Statistics and Census Service website and made available in publications;
3. Statistical publications are available in paper format, electronic version as well as CD-ROM;

4. The statistical publications are delivered on a regular basis to those who have completed the subscription form enclosed in the Guide to Macao Statistical Publications.

Subscription form for the DSEC electronic publications can be found on the DSEC website. After application information has been confirmed, the subscriber will receive e-mail notifications of relevant on-line statistical information as soon as it is available.

5. Designated personnel in the Documentation and Information Center of the DSEC are responsible for answering public queries. As an alternative, the public is also invited to go to the Center to access information.
Availability of microdata for research purposes
Not available.

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