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Statute of Agency for Statistics B&H


According to the articles IV and VI of the Decision of the Council of Ministry of Bosnia and Herzegovina concerning the establishment of the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina number 40/98. ("Official Gazette of B&H", number 16/98) the Management Board in accordance with the Council of Ministry of Bosnia and Herzegovina brings



Article 1.
This Statute fortifies: title, site, authorization, principles of internal organisation, financing, programming and work planning, work publicity and way of changing and supplement the Statute of the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter: Agency).


Article 2.
The Agency is an independent institution whose activities are funded from the budget of B&H for institutions and from other resources.
The Agency has legal authorisation.
The Agency exclusively responses to the Council of Ministry of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Agency’s abbreviated name, in the internal and external communications, will be "BHAS".
The Agency will be located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Marijin Dvor in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Parliamentary Assembly Building.

Article 3
The Agency has a seal, according the "Seal low" for the B&H Institutions.


Article 4
The Agency is authorised, as follows:
ˇ In accordance with the international accepted methodologies: elaborates, controls and publishes collected statistical data for B&H, on the basis of the Entity Statistical Institutes data and the data of other B&H Institutions.
ˇ Represents B&H in the International Organisations and Forums and fulfils statistical obligations of B&H. For the representation of B&H at the international meetings the Agency will invite the Entity representatives from the Entity Statistical Institutes by including them in the delegation of the Agency;
ˇ Acts as an institution for the donor community, including the signing of protocols of technical assistance, if that is requested by the donors.
ˇ Improves co-operation between entity institutions and ensures the information exchange between them.
ˇ Takes initiatives in laws concerning statistics on the level of B&H: Population Census Law and other legal documents that regulate statistic questions and activities.
ˇ Proposes Statistical Activity Programmes that should be approved by Council of Ministry and regulates Agency duties towards B&H and international institutions.
ˇ Prepares the Agency activities and realisation reports that should be adopted by the Council of Ministry.


Article 5
The Agency is managed by the Agency Management Board consisted of a Chairman and two Deputies, from the three constituent B&H nations.
The Management Board is appointed by the Council of Ministry for a three years period.
The Management Board members can be appointed again after mandate expiration.
The Management Board nominated a Chairman at its first session.
Chairman and Deputies are rotating every year.
For the transition period, from 01/09/1998 until 01/09/2001, one member of the Management Board is an international co-ordinator nominated by the Council of Ministry of B&H. After the defined period of time, the mandate of the international co-ordinator can be prolonged, if the international donor funds will not be realised. During this transition period the co-ordinator will arbitrate if the Management Board cannot make a decision by consensus.The Co-ordinator will also act as a link between the donors and the Agency. The Co-ordinator will also take part, together with the President and his deputies, in the realisation of the financial resources proved by the European Commission and by the International Donor Community.

Article 6
The Management Board makes decisions by consensus.
Each year, the Management Board reports to the Council of Ministry. The reports can also be done for a short period of time, asking for the decisions that can't be done by consensus.

Article 7
The Management Board issues the Statute of the Agency, the Internal Organisation Regulations and Plans consists of the Statistical Activities Programs, Publications Plans and International Co-operation Programs, always by the agreement of the Council of Ministry.

Article 8
Management Board issues all working acts, necessary for the Agency independent work.
For the concrete tasks Management Board nominates the commissions and other working bodies.

Article 9
Management Board works by sessions.
The sessions are organised and chair by the Chairman in co-operation with deputies.
All members of the Management Board sign the Agency acts. Management Board rules will be prescribed by The Management Board Working Rules.


Article 10
Jobs and tasks from the Agency scope perform throughout the basic organisational units.
By the special act of the Internal organisation regulations determines the number and type of the organisational units and its scope; the working organisation; jobs according the qualifications, number of workers and conditions in respect with their qualifications, way of managing, activities programming and planning, Agency co-operations with other institutions and other questions in connection with working organisation and Agency activities.
Internal organisation and way of work of the Agency established to ensure: legal, professional, effective, and rational realisation of jobs and tasks, rights and duties, fully employment of workers, knowledge and skills, conducting and co-operation with the other bodies and institutions and giving information about the Agency activities.

Article 11
Agency conducts professional jobs related to the following groups:
ˇ Development of statistical methodologies, aggregations and data analyses;
ˇ International co-operation and development;
ˇ Development of information technologies and publishing activities.

Article 12
The Agency, inside her scope, can also carry out the other jobs, if there is no disturbs in ordinary schemes of work.

Article 13.
Managing Board members will co-ordinate with the defined groups of jobs, according the arrangement.

Article 14
The Agency, together with Entity Statistics Institutes, prepares suggestions for the B&H Statistical Activities Programs, prepares methodological bases and statistical documentation for conducting statistical activities, follows the application and improvement of existing methodologies and standards, takes care about preparing and processing B&H statistical data, on time and evaluates the data quality. Publishes and makes statistical and economics analyses.
In her work Agency co-operates with other B&H institutions, statistical offices and other foreign authorities and international institutions.
Agency follows the statistical standards and methodologies applying and harmonising with the development and changes within B&H and harmonised the data with the international standards and recommendations and, in this direction, initiatives the changes. With the Entity Statistical Institutes works on new statistical standards and methodologies and makes changes and supplements the existing, comparing them with international, fulfilling them to request B&H duties to the international institutions.

Article 15
Agency processes statistical data on the level of B&H, for the needs of state and international institutions. Also processes available data for special requests of users. Carries out results expert analyses obtained by the statistical researches and takes care about quality and improvement of the same. Follows the situation and reaches development in certain fields of statistics and, in that sense, compares it with other statistical institutions in other countries.

Article 16
Agency carries out jobs and tasks related on establishing and conducting international statistical co-operations and communications; takes part in the jobs organisation for the international exchange data; carries out jobs on preparations and making the international co-operation and technical assistance projects for B&H, as UNDP, PHARE and other bilateral arrangements with foreign statistical institutions; do the improving and expanding international co-operation jobs with other statistical institutions and organisations in the world; shares in the international statistical bodies, signing and following realisation of adopted declarations and memorandums about statistical co-operations; provides, harmonises and adjusts classifications and standards to achieve comparable data at the international level; follows and takes part in the international co-operation programs and connects them with the contemporary international data bases and systems; supervisions data confident and resources of information for the B&H data published in the foreign publications corresponds with all international organisations and associations; organises and prepares the international seminars and meetings in the country and abroad; translates the publications, questioners and other materials that are sent by the international organisations and institutions; processes and completes the questioners and requests obtained by the international organisations and associations and organises its delivering on time; do all technical jobs related to the travels organisation and accommodation of the Agency representatives and entity institutes representatives, abroad and its partners in the country.

Article 17.
Publishes and publications statistical publication, makes and publishes the Publications plans, follows the publishing activities in the statistical offices of the other countries, do the technical preparations and graphic designs of the publications, language control of the materials, promotes and improves the publishing activities.

All the texts are published on the three B&H nation constituent languages and two alphabets.

Article 18.
Do the compatible statistical information systems development, projecting and programming jobs and tasks; organises all statistical relation models establishing them in accordance with users requests; do the methodologies, techniques and procedures selections and projects; follows the innovations at the field of the projecting information system, applying the same in the work; do the operational conduct data on the Personal Computer; maintenance all technique equipment and programmes support; archives and protects the data; co-operates with the other computers centres and affiliated institutions in the sense of the exchanges experience, improvements of methodologies and unique methodologies, coding and standards.

Article 19.
Follows and studies proposals at all B&H governmental levels in sense of harmonising the statistical activities with all the changes in the statistical field; prepares proposals and remarks on draft propositions and other regulations delivered to the Agency consideration; works on rules preparation that regulates statistical organisation and activities in B&H; works on legal Agency regulations; works on expert activities for managing workers disciplinary responsibilities; works on the Agency disputes and represents in its interests; gives legal opinions in bringing the Agency decisions; follows up the decisions and conclusions; studies the Agency organisation and proposes the measures for its improvement; proposes and organises expert workers education in collaboration with Entity Statistical Institutes; mediates in the co-ordination and co-operation with all statistical and other institutions.


Article 20.
Agency is financed from the B&H Budget and other resources.
Respectively to the Budget, Management Board chairman and his deputies take care of financial instruments and bring it by consensus.
Supplementary, the Agency can be financed also from the other resources.


Article 21.
The Agency plans jobs and developments.
Jobs and tasks of the Agency scope determines by the Agency Annual Plan, consists of the Statistical Activities Plan, Expert-methodological jobs and Projects and Plan that are published on the B&H level or the international co-operation Programmes.
Plan contents are determined by the international institutions and B&H institution's needs.


Article 22.
Agency work publicity will be realised inside Agency special activities trough the publications, IT technologies, press conferences, public media, etc.

Article 23.
Results of the statistical activities Agency gives to the users according to the fortified
Plan dynamic of the publication through the statistical reports, reviews, bulletins and information, Statistical Annual Reports that are the results of the whole yearly statistical activities.


Article 24.
Statute changes and supplements are made by needs.
The Statute changing initiatives gives the Management Board.

Article 25.
Statute changes and supplements are made by the procedure that is projected.


Management Board:
Dr. Hasan Zolić Slavka Popović Marijan Vlaho

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