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Dispatch 220/GM/99 Questionnaire Registration System

Dispatch 220/GM/99 (Extract)

Registration of Questionnaires or Instruments for Recording Primary Information

Application for registration of questionnaires or instruments for recording primary information must be submitted to Statistics and Census Services (DSEC) for approval. The application must include the following information:

The purpose and reasoning of the activity;

The questionnaire or instrument for recording primary information;

A detailed plan of the survey

Based on the information submitted, DSEC may exercise its discretion to grant registration taking into consideration whether there is any duplication with existing questionnaires or instruments already registered, and whether the technical aspect of the questionnaires or instruments are up to standard.

Questionnaires are those issued by the organizations of statistics compilation or the organizations with authority to perform statistics within the Statistical Information System of Macao, whereas instruments for recording primary information are those issued by other entities including public entities and entities with functions of public interests.

Upon registration, DSEC shall indicate on the questionnaire or instrument its classification and whether response is compulsory, as well as a registration number and validity. Response to questionnaires as defined above is compulsory. However, any person may legally refuse to complete any questionnaire if it is without an indication of classification, registration number and registration validity.

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