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The Act of the Statistical Centre of Iran

Revised 1353 (1974)

Chapter 1- Generalities

Art.1- Definitions and concepts referred to in this Act are as follows:

a- A census refers to a statistical survey covering all the society's individuals and units. It is carried out in definite periods for the collection of information in social and economic fields in such domains as population, housing, agriculture, industries construction, commerce, culture, etc.
If a census is planned to be carried out through the entire country it shall be called national census.

b- A sample survey refers to one which is implemented for the collection of statistical information from a number of individuals or units within the society and based on statistical methods rendering the obtained results extendable.

c- A current survey, refers to that carried out on the basis of reports and forms presenting the current activities of the ministries and government agencies, government companies and companies affiliated to the government.

d- National accounts, refer to the statistical interpretation of the country's entire economic activities during a given period.

e- Price index, refers to a quantity showing the average changes in prices of goods and services in comparison with a given time period.

f- Statistical frame, refers to a list containing general characteristics of the individuals or units of the universe subject to the survey and is used specially in sample surveys.

g- Statistical services, refer to all or part of services rendered in the preparation of statistical projects, processing the collected data and printing and publication of the results obtained.

Art.2- The SCI is affiliated to the Management and Planning Organization, functioning under the supervision of the Chief of the Management and Planning Organization. The Head of the Statistical Centre of Iran is Deputy Chief of the Management and Planning Organization.

Chapter 2- Functions and authorities

Art.3- Functions and authorities of the SCI are as follows:

a- Implementing national censuses and sample surveys in economic and social fields.
b- Preparing the statistics required for the planning and objectives of the country's development plans.
c- Preparing and updating statistical frames.
d- Processing, analyzing, and publishing statistical data obtained from censuses and surveys.
e- Compiling national accounts and price indices.
f- Establishing statistical definitions, concepts, criteria and classifications.
g- Collecting the required statistics from the public and private sectors.
h- Publishing the statistical yearbook of Iran.
i- Organizing a statistical documentation centre.
j- Giving technical advice to the statistical units of ministries and government agencies, as well as those of the private sector to the extent possible.
k- Rendering statistical services to the public and private sectors against receipt of related expenses.

Note: Amounts acquired through rendering such services are considered as special revenues of the SCI and kept in a special account in the treasury, to be used according to a budget approved by the Chief of the Management and Planning Organization.

Art.4- Population censuses should be carried out according to a decree and in the manner sanctioned by the council of ministers. Population censuses should be carried out every ten years. The first population census to be carried out subsequent to the approval of the present (revised) Act would be in 1355 (1976).

Art.5- All ministries, government agencies, and agencies affiliated to the government are bound to furnish the SCI, for a given period and in accordance with the arrangements to be made by the council of ministers, with transport and communication facilities and other equipment necessary for general censuses.

Art.6- In cases where use is made of government employees, whether active or retired, the SCI is authorized to pay them a census allowance during general censuses. The amount of the allowance shall be proposed by the Chief of the Management and Planning Organization and approved by the council of ministers.

Art.7- All inhabitants of Iran as well as Iranian subjects residing abroad are bound to give correct answers to the questionnaires pertaining to censuses and surveys carried out by the SCI. The information thus collected shall be treated as confidential as confidential and must be used for no purposes other than compilation of general and public statistics. Such information shall by no means be used as evidence for presentation to administrative or judiciary courts, or for the purpose of taxation.

Art.8- All ministries, government agencies, agencies affiliated to the government, and government companies are bound to follow in their surveys, the definitions, concepts, methods, criteria, and classifications established by the SCI.

Art.9- Ministries, government agencies, agencies affiliated to the government and government companies are bound to supply the SCI with any information which is deemed necessary by the SCI, through implementation of current surveys.

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