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Brief description of statistical legislation


1. Decree 61/96/M (Nature and Responsibilities of Statistics and Census Services)
2. Decree 62/96/M (Statistical Information System of Macau)
3. Dispatch 220/GM/99 (Questionnaire Registration System)
4. Dispatch 242/GM/99 (Confidentiality of Statistics)

1. Decree 61/96/M (Nature and Responsibilities of Statistics and Census Services)

The Statistics and Census Services (DSEC) is a department of the Macau Public Administration, in charge of the orientation, co-ordination, execution and control of the statistical activities in Macau.

a) Responsibilities of DSEC

Being technically autonomous, it is responsible for:

· Producing qualitative and quantitative statistics of demography, society, economy and public finance;
· Performing studies and analysis in respect of the integration and interpretation of statistical data;
· Executing necessary actions, taking into account of the recommendations and opinions from the Consultative Committee of Statistics (CCE), for the supervision and co-ordination of all the statistical activities within the Statistical Information System of Macau (SIEM), which include the statistics produced by the Macau Monetary Authority (AMCM) on monetary, finance, foreign exchange and insurance sector;
· Monitoring the compliance with regulations related to statistical activities and applying pertinent punitive actions if required.

b) Organization of DSEC

DSEC is under the leadership of one Director who is assisted by two Deputy Directors. It comprises seven units as follows:

· Department of Statistical Coordination and Integration (DCIE)
· Department of Industrial, Construction and External Trade (DEICCE)
· Department of Services and Prices Statistics (DESP)
· Department of Demographic, Social and Employment Statistics (DEDSE)
· Department of Informatics and Information System (DSII)
· Division of Promotion and Dissemination of Information (DPDI)
· Division of Administration and Financial Affairs (DAF)

2. Decree 62/96/M (Statistical Information System of Macau)

Statistical Information System of Macau (SIEM) consists of the following:

a) Consultative Committee of Statistics (CCE);
b) Entities involved in the compilation of statistics; and
c) Entities with authority.

The three parties form the body of the Macau official statistics.

a) CCE, chaired by the Director of the Macau Statistics and Census Services,
comprises the following members:

· One representative from each of the Macau Statistics and Census Services, and the Macau Monetary Authority;
· Representatives from all functional areas of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government; and
· Delegates from local major societies.

In addition, it is responsible for providing guidance as well as co-ordination advice and assistance for local entities involved in the compilation of statistics and SIEM.

b) There are two entities in Macau involved in the compilation of statistics, namely the Macau Statistics and Census Services responsible for demographic, economic, social and environmental statistics, and the Macau Monetary Authority responsible for financial, monetary, foreign exchange and insurance statistics.

c) The entities with statistical authority shall only exercise the functions assigned by the entities involved in the compilation of statistics.

3. Dispatch 220/GM/99 (Questionnaire Registration System)

It is stipulated that all statistical questionnaires issued by the Macau Special Administrative Region Government must have been registered with the Macau Statistics and Census Services (DSEC) to be recognized as official statistical questionnaires. Upon registration, DSEC shall review the content of the questionnaires or surveys as to whether there is any duplication with those already registered and whether the technical aspects are up to standard, and shall exercise its discretion to register as appropriate.

4. Dispatch 242/GM/99 (Confidentiality of Statistics)

It is stipulated that all departments and employees of the local entities involved in the compilation of statistics must not disclose to any third party any individual statistical information obtained on duty and that the information must not be used for non-statistical purposes. There shall be appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information at all stages from collection, delivery, processing and dissemination. Pertinent punitive actions shall be taken against any person in violation.


1. Dissemination of Statistical Information

At the end of each statistical operation, DSEC disseminates a large variety of information. This statistical information is published in printed form. For major information, such as the brief reports, press releases and main indicators, it is available on the Internet homepage instantly. In addition, a press release for each statistical report is sent to all local media on the same day.

The statistical information produced and supplied by DSEC also includes information essential for understanding, interpreting and utilizing the statistical data, namely methodology, concepts, terminology, classifications and analysis of results.

2. Relationship with the Media

DSEC maintains close relationship with the local media. Press releases are sent to keep them informed of all the statistical projects. In addition, the local media are included in the mailing list of all publications and very often, the information is published or extracted on the news.

In particular, the Division of Promotion and Dissemination of Information, one of the units of DSEC, takes charge of all interactions with the media.

3. Promotion

There is a promotion team, under the Division of Promotion and Dissemination of Information, to conduct regular promotional activities to raise awareness of statistics in Macau. These activities include the exhibition on the 23rd of October each year (Official Statistics Day of Macau), high school student competitions of composition, poster design and logo design, seminars at high schools to promote the image, products and services of DSEC, and invitations to associations and schools to visit its office.

4. Training Policy

DSEC is authorized to hold vocational training programs of statistics and information management for its staff as well as for those from entities with authority.

Furthermore, DSEC takes an active role in organizing, or jointly with other entities specialized in vocational training, the following courses for the development of its staff.

a) Introductory statistics, aiming to provide basic knowledge of the methods and procedures of conducting statistical activities;
b) Supplementary statistics, aiming to provide knowledge of descriptive statistics including general concepts, planning and design of statistical activities and coordinating techniques;
c) Preparatory courses for launching censuses and surveys, aiming to provide the working knowledge, especially basic interviewing skills, for the data collectors.

5. Pricing of Outputs

With the exception of "The Nomenclature for the External Trade of Macau/Harmonized System" which is priced at MOP200 (equivalent to USD25) per copy, all the publications and information are available free of charge.

6. Access of Statistical Information

Users may access any statistical information by contacting the Documentation and Information Center:

Address :
Alameda Dr. Carlos de Assumpcao, nos. 411-417
Edificio "Dynasty Plaza", 17 andar
Telephone : (853) 3995 311
Fax : (853) 307 825

Web Site :
E-mail :

Office Hours:
Monday to Thursday
09:00 - 13:00
14:30 - 17:45
09:00 - 13:00
14:30 - 17:30

All requests, by phone, fax, mail, Internet or walk-in, are responded promptly. Personal and customized services are also available. In addition, there is a reading area for users to consult the publications at their leisure. Information is normally provided in printed form but it may also be provided in electronic forms upon request.

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