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Statistics Finland - Personnel survey questions

Kari Suokko
Reijo Kurkela

Personnel survey questions
The survey was carried out in the autumn 1998.

Please estimate to what extent the following statements have been realised in practice, circle the number for the alternative which best matches your own opinion. (7, totally agree; 1, totally disagree; 0, don’t know, unable to answer)

Own work

1. My work gives me challenges and responsibility
2. My work offers opportunities for development
3. My work is clearly targeted towards a certain goal
4. I have at my disposal up-to-date ADP hardware, software and data systems
5. A lot of my time goes to solving problems and attending to bureaucracy
6. I would like to change jobs within Statistics Finland
7. I would like a job elsewhere than Statistics Finland
8. I can apply my own skills in many ways in my work
9. I have to extend my working day continuously to cope with my tasks
10. I feel continuous job exhaustion in my work
11. I feel I am doing important and significant work
12. If required, I always receive advice and help from my co-workers in performing my tasks
13. I often need advice from my superior(s) in performing my tasks


14. My tasks demand continuous development in work
15. Time pressure at work prevents me from developing and participating in training
16. Time pressure at work prevents me from putting new learned things to practice
17. New knowledge and ideas spread fast from one unit to another
18. Continuous need to learn new things stresses me
19. I often feel joy of achievement in my work
20. I continuously follow development in my field also at the general level outside Statistics Finland
21. I pass on new things I have learned quickly to my co-workers
22. Statistics Finland is interested in my development

Flow of work processes

23. I know the different units of Statistics Finland sufficiently well to co-operate with them
24. The operating units are highly capable of co-operation
25. The management by results model hampers co-operation between the units
26. There is too much unnecessary bureaucracy at Statistics Finland
27. We serve our internal customers well

External customer service

28. We take our customers’ real needs sufficiently into account
29. Customers are "passed from pillar to post"
30. We are an inwardly oriented statistical authority
31. Customer service is just an extra burden to us

Management and supervisory performance

32. My immediate superior (with whom I have my personal performance appraisal discussions) - supports and encourages me in my work
33. My immediate superior listens to me
34. My immediate superior is a good leader of people
35. The head of my operating unit supports and encourages me in my work
36. The head of my operating unit listens to me
37. The head of my operating unit is a good leader of people
38. The Director General is a good leader of people
39. The Director General leads things in the right direction
40. The management appreciate the staff
41. The management invest in staff development
42. Management at Statistics Finland consists of too much administration and order issuing

Work atmosphere

43. The work atmosphere is encouraging
44. Fear is not prevalent at our workplace
45. Initiativeness is encouraged
46. Exposing negative things is not feared
47. We have fun in my work unit
48. I feel subjected to workplace bullying
49. At Statistics Finland, problems are viewed as challenges
50. Apportioning blame is common at Statistics Finland
51. At Statistics Finland, conflicts are resolved through constructive discussions

The employer

52. Statistics Finland pays a competitive salary for my work
53. Statistics Finland operates honestly and fairly
54. Professional competence decides - not age, gender or education
55. Statistics Finland knows how to utilise fully the competence of its staff

Statistics Finland’s goals

56. As an organisation, Statistics Finland has a clear vision of its goals
57. My operating unit has a clear vision of its goals
58. I understand what the common goals mean in practice from the point of my own work
59. For my part, I am committed to these goals
The attached list of questions was formed by picking out from the overall total of 133 questions those which in the analysis emerged as the most important ones. However, this list is not to be taken as a proposal for the next version of the questionnaire. Certain topic areas have been condensed considerably and questions concerning quality, for example, have been left out completely because they did not now divide the respondents. The new form which will be used in future surveys still remains subject to separate consideration.

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