International Seminar on Measurement of Disability

New York, 4-6 June 2001

Organized and Sponsored by:

United Nations Statistics Division
United Nations Children's Fund
Statistical Office of the European Communities
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States of America


The meeting brought together a broad array of developed and developing country experts in disability measurement for statistical reporting:

- Review and assess current status of methods used in population-based data collection activities to measure disability in national statistical systems. Particular attention was given to questionnaire design;
- Develop recommendations and priorities to advance work on measurement of disability;
- Contribute to building a network of institutions and experts, including producers and users of disability statistics to implement the developments in this field.

The work to achieve these objectives should build on accepted international standards and guidelines, as reflected in the Background Documents for the meeting.


Participants included mainly statisticians from designated offices in national statistical systems. All regions were represented. Representatives of the disability community, other users of disability data, survey methodologists and international organizations - whose work is consistent with the objectives of the meeting - also participated.


212 E. 42nd Street
[between 2nd & 3rd Avenues]
Meeting Room: Knickerbocker D - Third Floor


Document numbers follow the following scheme:
ESA/STAT/AC.81 is an internal number and represents the seminar.
L indicate the documents related to the organisation of the seminar.
B indicate the background documents.
5.1 for example indicates that the paper will be presented in session 5 as first paper.
R indicate the room documents.

Organisation of the seminar

ESA/STAT/AC.81/L1 (29KB): Agenda (Provisional, status: 18 May 2000)
ESA/STAT/AC.81/L2 (47KB): Provisional List of Participants (Status: 23 May 2001))

Background Documents

International Recommendations, Classifications and Guidelines

"Guidelines and principles for the development of disability statistics", Unedited copy of future United Nations publication·(ESA/STAT/AC.81/B1) (673KB)

"Principles and Recommendations for Population and Housing Censuses",
Revision 1, United Nations publication, Sales No. E.98.XVII.8 (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B2) [An electronic version of this document is not available.
To order the book, please see frm.htm.]

"Manual for the Development of Statistical Information for Disability Programmes and Policies", United Nations publication, Sales No. E.96.XVII.4 (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B3) [An electronic version of this document is not available. To order the book in English, French or Spanish for US$12.50, please see frm.htm.]

"International Classification of Functioning, Disabilities and Health" (ICIDH-2), Pre-final draft, December 2000, WHO/EIP/GPE/CAS/ICIDH-2 PF, 00.1 (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B4) (731KB)

"International Standard, ISO 9999, Technical Aids for Disabled Persons: Classification", 1st ed. International Organization for Standardization, 1992, Geneva, ISO. Prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 173 (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B5) [This document was made available only at the seminar.]

ICIDH-2 Resolution EB107.R15 approved by the WHO Executive Board on 22 January 2001 (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B6 (246KB))

Regional Material

"Survey Data on Disability", EUROSTAT Working Papers (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B7)

"Coverage of Health Topics by surveys in the European Union", EUROSTAT Working Papers (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B8 (157KB) plus Annexes (483KB))

"Health Interview Surveys", WHO Regional Publications, European series, No. 58 (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B9)

"An inventory of health and disability-related surveys in OECD countries", OECD Labour Market and Social Policy-Occasional Papers, No. 44 (ESA/STAT/AC.81/B10 (455KB))


ESA/STAT/AC.81/1-1 (30KB) Andersson : Views of the Disability Community

ESA/STAT/AC.81/1-2 (42KB) Ssekabira: "Concept and objectives for the measurement of disability" (presented by: Ms. Akot)

ESA/STAT/AC.81/1-3 (28KB) Gubbels: "The Policy context of the European Commission Interest in the Disability Data"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/1-4 Chamie: "Historic overview of developments of disability statistics and definitions"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/2-1 DISTAB: "Comparing Patterns in Prevalence Rate of Functional Limitation Using ICIDH-2"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/2-2 (26KB) Rasmussen: "Overview of Data Collection Activities in 29 Developed Countries (OECD and Eurostat Documents)"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/2-3 (775KB) Me/Mbogoni: "Overview over Data Collection Practices in Less Developed Countries"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/3-1 (128KB) Hendershot: "Analytical overview of instruments and guidelines developed by international organizations"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/3-2 (127 KB) Rijckevorsel: "Cross population comparison of surveys: A review of new technologies "

ESA/STAT/AC.81/4-1 (321KB) Whiteneck: "Validated Measures of Participation and the Environment from Craig Hospital: CHART and CHIEF"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/4-2 (84KB) Madden: "Participation and environment: out of the melting pot and into …?"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/4-3 (51 KB) Schneider: "Participation and Environment in the ICF and measurement of disability"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/5-1 (52 KB) Langlois "The Development of a Global Disability Indicator"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/5-2 (41KB) Nhiwatiwa/Fuller/Loeb/Eide: "Living conditions among people with disabilities in Namibia and Zimbabwe"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/5-3 (51KB) Rattanalangkarn: "Questionnaire and survey design features for the collection of data from persons with disability: Thailand"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/5-4 (50 KB) Aromaa "Estimating disability occurrence, degree of limitations, need for help and determinants of disability in national health surveys"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/6-1 (206KB) Black (1): "Comparative analysis of censuses and surveys as instruments to collect data on disability -Australian experience"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/6-2 (31KB) Bartley: "Pros and cons of data collected using a census: the experience of the Caribbean countries"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/6-3 (47KB) Van den Berg: "Collecting data on disability in EU general population surveys"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/6-4 (66 KB) Andrés Montes and Ernest Massiah: "Methodological considerations in the analysis of household data on disabilities in Latin America"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/7-1 (46 KB) Durkin: "Measurement of Childhood Disabilities in Population Studies"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/7-3 (60KB) Black (2): "The elderly - additional and specific approaches taken in Australia for the Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/7-4 (438KB) Campbell: "Measurement of Disability in Special Populations – People with Limited Cognitive Functioning"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/7-5 (72KB) Jagger: "Mental health indicators in Europe"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/7-6 (119 KB) Van Oyen: "The institutionalised population in health surveys"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/7-7 (357KB) Roussel: "The French survey "Handicaps, Incapacités, Dépendance" (HID) in institutional settings"

The following documents were not presented at the seminar, but were be made available as room documents:

ESA/STAT/AC.81/R-1 (145 KB) Van Oyen: "Selection of a Coherent Set of Health Indicators. Limitations in usual activities, a global approach".

ESA/STAT/AC.81/R-2 (104 KB) Special Rapporteur on Disability of the United Nations Commission for Social Development: "Measuring Progress From Rights on Paper to Rights in Reality - A Report of a Seminar on Human Rights and Disability (Stockholm, November 2000)"

ESA/STAT/AC.81/R-3 (31 KB) Escobedo-Aguirre: "Información sobre Discapacidad en México en la última década del II Milenio."

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