Global Forum on Gender Statistics

10 - 12 December 2007, Rome


List of documents

  ESA/STAT/AC.140/L1 Agenda  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/L2 List of participants  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/L3 Final report  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/L4 Report of the Interagency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/1.1 The Ley de Igualdad (“Gender Equality Act”) in Spain and gender mainstreaming in government statistics. INE, Spain  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/1.2 Opening Statement. Paul Cheung, Director, United Nations Statistics Division  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/1.3 STATISTICHE DI GENERE PER LA CITTADINANZA EUROPEA. Franca Bimbi, Prof. Ordinario di Sociologia Presidente della Commissione per le Politiche Europee della Camera dei Deputati  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/1.4 Gender statistics in the ESS Issues and challenges. Carolyn Hannan, Director, UN Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW)  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/1.5 Gender Statistics: Central to Achieving Gender Equality. Michel GLAUDE, Director “Social statistics and Information Society”, EUROSTAT  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/1.6 Statement of UNFPA at the Global Forum on Gender Statistics. Ms. Kourtoum Nacro, Technical Advisor, Population and Development Branch Technical Support Division, UNFPA  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/2.1 Engendering development statistics: An opportunity to remedy past neglect. Francesca Perucci, United Nations Statistics Division  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/2.2 Beyond the traditional approach: Gender statistics and quality of work. Ms. Joann Vanek,Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO)  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/2.3 Challenges in measuring gender and minorities. Govinda Dahal, Angela Me and Enrico Bisogno,United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Statistical Division  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/2.4 Gender Violence, discrimination, economic statistics: new challenges in measures based on a gender approach. Linda Laura Sabbidini, ISTAT  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/2.5 Gender Budgets in a Human-Development approach. Antonella Picchio, University of Modena and Reggio, Emilia  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/3.1 The measurement of Violence Against Women in surveys: communalities and differences. Angela Me, Chief Social and Demographic Statistics Section, UNECE  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/3.3 Domestic Violence Survey in the Palestinian Territory (December, 2005- January, 2006) >  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/3.4 The Evolution of Measuring Violence Against Women at Statistics Canada. Presented by Heather Dryburgh On behalf of the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/3.5 The Italian Women Safety Survey: methodological challenges and new achievements. Roberta Barletta, Isabella Corazziari, Alessandra Federici Maria Giuseppina Muratore, Giovanna Tagliacozzo, Istat  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/4.1 Measuring Women in Poverty and Access to Resources - the Philippine Experience. Jessamyn O. Encarnacion, National Statistical Coordination Board, Philippines  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/4.2 Usage of information and communication technologies in the Republic of Serbia, 2007. Statistical office of the Republic of Serbia  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/4.3 Who is the head of the household? Kim Robertson, Human Development Programme, Secretariat of the Pacific Community  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/4.4 Living Standards Measurement Study Surveys. Development Economics Research Group The World Bank  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/5.1 Engendering Household Surveys – Measuring Work. Cyril Parirenyatwa, Central Statistical Office Zimbabwe  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/5.2 Paid and unpaid work: perspectives for analysis.Maria Clelia Romano and Rita Ranaldi, Istat  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/5.3 The gender perspective in the Brazilian household Surveys. IBGE  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/5.6 Engendering household surveys: measuring work, a 5-Country Panel. Sophia Lawrence, International Labour Office  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/6.1 Engendering Population Censuses. Manal Sweidan, Department of Statistics, Jordan  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/6.2 Engendering Population Censuses. Ms. Radegunda H. Maro,National Bureau of Statistics, Tanzania  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/6.3 Engendering Population Censuses: in the case of the Republic of Macedonia. Mira Todorova, State Statistical Office of the Republic of Macedonia  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/7.1 Towards More Effective Production of Gender Sensitive Data in African Countries: Ongoing and Planned Activities by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Dimitri Sanga United Nations Economic Commission for Africa African Centre for Statistics  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/7.2 Gender Statistics and Indicators for public policy-making in Latin America and the Caribbean. María Nieves Rico, Women and Development Unit, ECLAC  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/7.3 Producing gender statistics: A perspective from Asia and the Pacific. Andrés Montes, ESCAP Statistics Division  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/7.4 Producing Gender Statistics through Population Censuses in the ESCWA region. Neda Jafar, Statistics Division United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/7.5 Engendering Statistics & Sensitizing Population Censuses In ESCWA Region . Neda Jafar, Statistics Division United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/7.6 Engendering economic activity in population censuses. Robert McCaa, Antonio Lopez, Phuong Nguyen, University of Minnesota Population Center  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/7.7 Producing gender statistics through population censuses. Linda Hooper, Statistician Social and Demographic Statistics Section,UNECE  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/8.1 The Challenges of measuring child mortality when birth registration is incomplete. Diana Alarcon and Marcos Robles, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and Inter-American Development Bank  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/8.2 Gender Statistics and the Status of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in Ethiopia. Mr. Tilaye Geressu Birru,Central Statistics Agency Ethiopia  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/8.3 Civil Registration in the Sultanate of Oman: Its development and potential implications on vital statistics. Dr. Medhat K. ElSayed, Ministry of Health, Oman  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/8.4 Situación del registro de nacimientos en el Paraguay, según diversas fuentes. Ms. Zulma Concepcion Sosa de Servin, Dirección General de Estadística, Encuestas y Censos, Paraguay  

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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/8.5 Improving Civil Registration and Vital Statistics. Health Metrics Network  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/9.1 Gender and economic statistics: Using available data. Heather Dryburgh, Ph.D. Statistics Canada  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/9.2 Engendering economic statistics. General issues Gerry Brady, CSO Ireland  
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  ESA/STAT/AC.140/9.3 Women and economics: household, enterprise and decision-making bodies. Cristina Freguja, Stefania Cardinaleschi, Lucia Coppola, Sara Demofonti, Istat  

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