Speaker Bio

Building forward fairer with gender data at the centre.

Gueorguie Vassilev


Mr. Gueorguie Vassilev, Head of Skills, Time-Use and Economic Well-being, Office for National Statistics, UK.

Gueorguie Vassilev works at the Office for National Statistics, the UK national statistical institute, heading up the office analysis on people’s behaviour using time use data, as well as people’s skills and knowledge (their human capital) and wider aspects of economic well-being such as living standards.

The team has delivered a new representative online time-use survey throughout the pandemic, understanding how people’s behaviour changed as lots of restrictions came in across the country, as well as the pandemic became a more long-standing presence in people’s daily lives. A key part of the team’s analysis looked at how unpaid work evolved and how this split across gender and other protected characteristics.

The team also contributes to international efforts to modernise and standardise time-use surveys, as well as how this can be valued alongside more traditional measures of economic progress to have a realistic appreciation for unpaid work and its contribution to people’s welfare, in the ‘Household Satellite Account’. Gueorguie has worked at the Office for National Statistics for 7 years, also working on developing better measures of human capital that capture the contribution of wider factors than just education and work experience, such as the family and home, independent learning, cultural activities, individual and family health.

In previous roles, he has led developments in National Accounts measures of the household sector, delivering UK’s first separated sequence of accounts for both the household and non-profit institutions sectors.