Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM)


The Energy Statistics Compilers Manual (ESCM) is an integral part of the implementation process of the International Recommendations for Energy Statistics (IRES) and the physical flow part of the System of Environment-Economic Accounting for Energy (SEEA-Energy).

While the IRES provides internationally agreed upon recommendations for the scope and content of energy data collection, the ESCM is intended to provide practical guidance to assist countries in the implementation of the IRES. As such, the ESCM covers the conceptual framework, the institutional arrangements and the statistical data production process for energy statistics.

The draft outline for the ESCM was first tabled at the 4th Oslo Group meeting in Canada in 2009.

Since then, different countries have taken the lead on the preparation and development of the various chapters in the ESCM. Draft versions have been reviewed through working groups, virtual and face-to-face meetings of the Oslo Group, and through other consultations. The latest versions were reviewed at the 8th Oslo Group meeting in Baku in 2013.

A more detailed workplan prepared by the UNSD and Oslo Group secretariat is available here: ESCM - Guidelines and work plan.