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Country Profile of Slovenia

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Web address
Position in the government
The SORS reports to the Prime Minister.
Organizational structure and finance
Deputy Director-General

General Methodology and Standards
Sampling and Survey Methodology

National Accounts

Price Statistics
Consumer Prices

Manufacturing and Services Statistics
Manufacturing Statistics
Transport and Information Society Statistics
Services Statistics
Tourism Statistics

External Trade Statistics, Business Register and Structural Business Statistics
Structural Business Statistics
Development of the SBR and Enterprise Demography
External Trade Statistics

Demography and Social Statistics
Demography Statistics
Labour Statistics
Level of Living Statistics
Social Services Statistics

Environment and Natural Resources Statistics, Regional Statistics and Geomatics
Environment and Energy Statistics
Regional Statistics
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting Statistics

Dissemination of Statistical Data and Methods
Information Centre
Electronic Dissemination and International Reporting
Editorial Board
Printing and Bookbinding
Operative and Technical Support
Print Preparation

Collection and Processing of Statistical Data and Keeping of Production Databases
CATI Centre
co-ordination of Collecting and Dispatching Data from Primary Sources
Collection and Coverage Control
Data Input
Technological and Operative Work Preparation
Analysis and Control of Input Databases

EDP Infrastructure and technology
Data Input and Editing Support
Statistical Processes Support
Output Processes Support and Internet Technologies
System and Tehnical Support

International Co-operation and European Affairs

Legal and Human Resource Matters

General Matters and Public Tenders

Financial Operations

Main Office and Dispatch Centre
Multi-annual or annual work program
The Medium-term Programme of Statistical Surveys for 2008-2012 (published on defines the priorities for the next five-year period. It is adopted by the Government and prepared by SORS, in co-operation with authorised producers (a regulation kind of legislation).

The annual programme is determined by the Director General of SORS in agreement with other authorized producers.
In case SORS and authorized producers do not reach consent, the Director-General of SORS must inform the Government on the disputed matter and demand a solution. In case consent is not reached with the Bank of Slovenia, the Government informs the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia.
Each May SORS and authorized producers present their proposals on priorities for regular and development surveys for the next year to the Statistical Council.
The content of policy for the next year is prepared on the basis of Government’s documents such as the Development Strategy of Slovenia, the National Development Programme, the Annual Statistical Programme prepared by the European Commission for the next year, etc.
Statistical support to the policy (that means planning statistical surveys for the next year) is based on the content of each policy, the Medium-term Statistical Programme 2008-2012 and on the anticipations of users, which they have presented at the Statistical Council and statistical advisory committees’ meetings.
When this is done, SORS and authorized producers begin to prepare the draft annual programme for the next year. This draft is discussed by the statistical advisory committees. Their suggestions and supplements are then presented to the Statistical Council by SORS. SORS’s Director-General’s decisions about the annual programme for the next year are based upon all this work.
Main duties
The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia is the main producer and co-ordinator of carrying out programs of statistical surveys. In addition to linking and co-ordinating the statistical system, its most important tasks include international co-operation, determining methodological and classification standards, anticipating users' needs, collection, processing and dissemination of data, and taking care of data confidentiality.

The Office carries out activities of national statistics on the basis of the National Statistics Act (1995, 2001) together with authorised producers determined by the Medium-term Programme of Statistical Surveys 2008-2012. With the help of authorised producers, the Office provides to public administration bodies and organisations, the economy and the public data on the status and trends in the economic, demographic and social fields, as well as in the field of environment and natural resources.

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
On 19 August 1944 the Slovene National Liberation Council established the Statistical Office. Therefore, in 2004 the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia was celebrating the 60th anniversary of establishment of official statistics in Slovenia, which was marked with a celebration and issuing of the anniversary publication with title "60 Years of National Statistics in Slovenia".

Legal basis
Legal basis
The National Statistics Act regulates: fundamental principles of national statistics, organization and status of performing activities of national statistics (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, authorized producers of activities of national statistics and their functions, head of the Office, statistical council, income, Legal acts), programme of statistical surveys, methodological bases of statistical surveys, registers, data collection, data processing and storing, protection, use and dissemination of data, international statistical cooperation, penalty provisions.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia is the main producer and co-ordinator of carrying out programs of statistical surveys. For the implementation of programs of statistical surveys authorised producers determined with medium-term programs are also important. In the current medium-term programs the activity of national statistics is implemented in certain fields of statistics by the following institutions:

- Bank of Slovenia (balance of payments, financial and monetary statistics)

- Ministry of Finance (general government deficit and deficit, public finance statistics)

- Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public and Legal Records and Services (partly business statistics)

- Institute of Public Health(health statistics)

- Pension and Disability Insurance Institute (pension statistics)

- Employment Service of Slovenia (partly employment and unemployment statistics)

Relation SORS - authorised producers
National Statistics Act defines the role and co-operation of SORS and authorised producers concerning the organisation, preparation, execution of statistical programmes and reporting about them as well as respect of the fundamental principles, data dissemination and international co-operation. Recent amendments to the National Statistics Act require from authorised producers of national statistics that they organise their statistical activities separately from other activities and full respect of statistical principles of official statistics, especially statistical confidentiality.

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
Provisions on the users' forums are incorporated in the National Statistics Act, namely in the process of determining users' needs/demands for statistics, e.g. in preparing the Medium-term and Annual Programmes of Statistical Surveys. These forums are the Statistical Council of the Republic of Slovenia and the Statistical Advisory Committees. The Rules of Procedure further define the operation.

The Statistical Council of the Republic of Slovenia (SC), established by the National Statistics Act, is a professional methodological advisory body for strategic and developmental questions on national statistics.
Among the tasks of the SC are:

- to discuss starting points and guidelines for the Programme of Statistical Surveys and discussions on the report on the implementation of the stated Programme;

- to discuss the contents of the Programme of Statistical Surveys, whereas initiative is given on the appropriate amendments to the Programme;

- to discuss proposals of acts and other regulations from the field of national statistics;

- to propose the methodological bases for statistical surveys of national importance;

- to propose rationalisation and modernization of national statistics;

- to provide initiatives and proposals for international statistical co-operation;

- to propose classifications which shall be used as national standards.

The members (14) are representatives of the National Assembly and the National Council of the Republic Slovenia, Government, Bank of Slovenia, employers and employees, judiciary, recognised statistical experts and SORS. The SC takes its standpoint on issues and makes statements which are submitted to SORS and authorized performers of statistical surveys. The members of the SC nominate the President of the Council. The Director-General of SORS cannot be President of the SC. Upon the invitation of the President of the SC, the meetings of the SC can be attended by representatives of other institutions and other experts. It is the SORS who provides the required administrative and technical support to the SCl. The mandate of the members is four years. The SC holds meetings at least 4 times each year.

Statistical Advisory Committees (SAC) are established by SORS for individual spheres of national statistics. They are formulated for wider spheres defined under the Programme of Statistical Surveys. The tasks of SACs are as follows:

o To discuss the methodological basis of statistical surveys, to take standpoints on certain issues and to make proposals and acquaint the SORS top management with these proposals

o To expand knowledge on statistical surveys, implemented by national statistics; on the possibilities on acquisition of data, offered to data users; on new solutions how to acquire data and on their dissemination

o To hold discussions on the contents of the Medium-term and Annual Programme of Statistical Surveys, giving proposals on changes and supplements to these Programmes

o To propose rationalization and modernization of national statistics in their field of work

o To propose classifications which could be used as national standards and some other tasks.

The setting up and field of work of an individual SAC is determined by the Director-General of SORS, who also determines the institutions which shall, upon a written request made by SORS, nominate their members into the SAC. The President of the SAC can invite representatives of other institutions and other experts to attend and participate at the SAC meetings.The Statistical Advisory Committees hold meetings at least twice per year or respectively when required.
Currently there are 25 advisory committees for different fields of statistics with around 340 outside members and 95 SORS.

Data collection
Most recent population census
31 March 2002
Access to administrative data
The National Statistics Act regulates special provision on the right of access to all administrative data.
Data confidentiality
Statistical disclosure control is used for all published data.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
The Advance Release Calendar is currently applied according to the IMF definition and is available on the SORS web site. The ICT solution was developed to cover the entire releasing of the data in all SORS publications and is in production as of 1st Jan. 2006.
So, different retrievals are possible according to various data series. We provide also information on: releases scheduled for today; tomorrow’s releases, releases this week and releases this month. In case of the First Release, the Advance Release Calendar covers the data for the entire year ahead; whereas in case of other publications it states release dates provided the release date has been confirmed.
Moreover: not only the publication itself can be accessed in this manner, but all the released publications since 2002 are easily accessible as well!
The stream of news on the SORS Web site can be followed by using the existing RSS channels which are an alternative way of reading news as they notify users of the news. Updates in release calendar are included as RSS channels.
Main publications
Statistical Yearbook
Slovenia in Figures
Statistical Portrait of Slovenia in the EU
Languages of main publications
Slovenian, English
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
All data are on the Web site, most of them are also on paper and in on-line databases.
Availability of microdata for research purposes
The researchers always have special contracts with the NSO about the use of individual data (use in special conditions, etc.). They get de-anonymised individual data. Such microdata are disseminated exclusively for research – statistical purposes. Detailed protocol about the access to microdata is available on SORS website:

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