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Country Profile of Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Main statistical agency
Main statistical agency name
Statistical Center of Iran (SCI)
Web address

Position in the government
The Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) is affiliated to the Management and Planning Organization. The Head of the SCI is Deputy Chief for the Organization. The Head of the Management and Planning Organization is the Vice President of Iran.
It is noteworthy that the SCI is an independent organization and completely free from political interference.
Organizational structure and finance
Considering stages of each statistical project, such as preparation of subject-matter design, preparation of technical design, implementation and data processing, the organizational system of the Centre comprises four Deputies.
A. Deputy for Statistical Projects
B. Deputy for National Accounts and Studies
C. Deputy for Information Dissemination and Data Processing
D. Deputy for Administrative Affairs and Logistics

A. Deputy for Statistical Projects
Study and recognition of statistical requirements of the country, determination of management priorities and updating of the statistics on population, manpower, household expenditure and income, agriculture (farming, animal husbandry and fishery, etc.), manufacturing, mine and energy (electricity, gas and water, etc.) construction (residential and non-residential), communication (transportation, cargo, passenger and communication), trade and services etc., are among major duties of this Deputy. Departments related to the Deputy:
- Department of Household Socio-Economic Statistics and Censuses
- Department of Trade statistics
- Department of Manufacturing, Mining and Environment Statistics
- Department of Agriculture Statistics
- Department of Infrastructure Statistics
- Department of Cultural and Social Services Statistics
- Department of Price Indices

B. Deputy for National Accounts and Studies
Major duties of the Deputy include study of international recommendations on national accounts and their adjustments to the country's conditions with regard to national accounts system, study and recognition of statistical requirements on price indices, identification of sources of statistical production, collection of statistics produced and study on process of administrative records produced (registers) in government agencies, preparation of statistical projects in different fields, etc. Departments working under the Deputy are:
-Department of Registers
- Department for Preparation of Technical Designs and Statistical Frames
- Department of Economic Accounts
- Department of Statistical Definitions and Standards

C. Deputy for Information Dissemination and Data Processing
Analysis, preparation and adjustment of electronic and non-electronic systems for subject-matter and statistical projects, coordination and comment on the designed systems, mechanization, correction and updating of statistical maps, preparation of subject-matter list for the varieties of codes, preparation of publication patterns, appropriate dissemination of statistical information, preparation and sale of publications and statistical yearbooks, giving necessary guidance to the visitors to the SCI to obtain their required statistical data, etc. are major duties of the Deputy. Related Departments are as follows:
- Department of Map-Related Affairs and Statistical Documentation
- Department of Publications and Information Dissemination
- Department of System Designing
- Department of Networks Affairs and Computer Services

D. Deputy for Administrative Affairs and Logistics
Major duties of the deputy consist of study and examination of staff training requirements, collection of the SCI credits on the basis of funds allocated by the Management and Planning Organization, supervision over related departments within the framework of rules and regulations, enforcement of administrative and employment regulation, preparation and issuance of all employment orders, preparation and provision of office supplies, registration and distribution of the letters received, etc.
- Department of Training and Management Services
- Department of Financial Affairs
Multi-annual or annual work program
The SCI has an annual work program. Moreover, National Strategy for Development of Statistics (NSDS) has been approved by the Board of Ministers and the High Council of Statistics.
Main duties
According to the Act, the SCI is responsible for:
a. Implementing national censuses and sample surveys in economic and social fields.
b. Preparing the statistics required for the planning and realization of objectives of the country's development plans.
c. Preparing and updating statistical frames.
d. Processing, analyzing, and publishing statistical data obtained from censuses and surveys.
e. Compiling national accounts and price indices.
f. Establishing statistical definitions, concepts, criteria and classifications.
g. Collecting the required statistics from the public and private sectors.
h. Publishing the statistical yearbook of Iran.
i. Organizing a statistical documentation centre.
j. Giving technical advice to the statistical units of ministries and government agencies, as well as those of the private sector to the extent possible.
k. Rendering statistical services to the public and private sectors against receipt of related expenses.

Brief history and other relevant background information
Brief history and other relevant background information
Civil Registration Department was established in 1918 to register vital events. Registration of birth, death, marriage and divorce by the Department required the establishment of an organization responsible for collection of information on the country's population. This led to the approval of a regulation in 1924, the department responsible for statistics and its duties was determined and responsibility for collection and centralization of necessary statistics was entrusted to the Ministry of the Interior.
In June 1939, the first census law was approved by National Council Parliament. Based on the law, put into effect from March 1940, the population census was taken only in Tehran, and in 1940 and 1941, 33 cities were gradually enumerated. In March 1952, Cooperation Organization of Public Statistics was established. Statistics and census law was approved in April 1958. In that year, Department of Statistics and Census seceded from the General Department of Statistics and Civil Registration and joined the Cooperation Organization of Public Statistics. Thus, for the first time, an organization, exclusively responsible for collection of statistics, was established and was renamed Department of Public Statistics affiliated to the Ministry of the Interior in 1956.
The Department implemented the first national census of population and housing in 1956. Upon establishment of the Department of Public Statistics, statistical activities entered a new stage and different kinds of surveys were annually executed in different socio-economic areas the most important of which are as follows:
- Agriculture Survey in 1960
- Population Sample Survey in 1963
- Manufacturing Establishments Census in 1963
- Household Budget Survey in 1963

According to the 1965 Law and due to increasing requirements of planning organizations for information and statistics as well as the necessity of very close collaboration of main organization producing statistics with the planning organizations, the Department of Public Statistics was detached from the Ministry of the Interior and transformed into the Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) affiliated to the Plan and Budget Organization.
In 2000, the Plan and Budget Organization and the State Organization for Employment and Administrative Affairs merged together into Management and Planning Organization, to which the SCI is now affiliated. In 2007, Organization of Management and Planning changed to Vice Presidency of Planning and Strategic Supervision At present, Statistical Centre of Iran is depended on Vice Presidency of planning and Strategic Supervision.

Legal basis
Legal basis
The Act of the SCI was revised in 1974. The law includes two Chapters and 10 Articles referring to the definition and concepts of censuses, surveys, functions and authorities of the SCI, obligatory cooperation of other government agencies with the SCI during census-taking, use of the SCI's recommended definitions, concepts and classifications by the government agencies, the legal responsibility of respondents for answering questions appeared in the census or survey questionnaires and data confidentiality.

Other producers of official statistics
Other producers of official statistics
Most statistics are produced by the related government agencies under supervision of the SCI.

Statistical advisory bodies
Statistical advisory bodies
There are two consultative bodies for the SCI known as "Consultative Council" and "Experts Committee".

Data collection
Most recent population census
28 Oct.-17 Nov. 2006
Access to administrative data
All official statistics are accessible by observing data confidentiality principles. Level and type of access to other kinds of statistical data is determined by the organization which produces the data.
Data confidentiality
Any kind of data that causes identification of statistical unit will not be disseminated.

Data dissemination
Release calendar (existence, when and how published)
The dissemination date of the statistical activities results is included in the scheduled annual work programme of the SCI, and the programme is released annually.
Main publications
The Statistical Centre of Iran annually publishes about 120 titles which are the results of conducted surveys in the form of various publications. The publications include official statistics of the country which are administrative records and/or are collected through surveys conducted by the SCI or other government organizations.
To access the mentioned data, visit "Publications Database ". The database is prepared in English and Persian. The English version includes only publications, published in English by the SCI. It is worth mentioning that all SCI publications other than the followings are published in Persian.
o Statistical Yearbook
o Statistical Pocketbook of Iran
o National Accounts of Iran
Languages of main publications
Persian; but some publications appear in English.
How are data disseminated (Paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, databanks)?
Various formats such as paper, CD Rom, Website, online databases, and databanks are used.
Availability of microdata for research purposes
Available by following data confidentiality principles.

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