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When you participate in a Statistics Canada business survey

Are you in a Statistics Canada survey?

When you participate in a Statistics Canada business survey…

Statistics Canada will tell you

- the name of the survey.
- why your participation in the survey is important.
- that your information will be combined with other responses and published as statistical summaries, tables and graphs.
- how the survey results will be used.
- that the survey is conducted under the authority of the Statistics Act.
- that the information you provide is protected by the confidentiality provisions of the Statistics Act.
- whether there is a data sharing agreement between Statistics Canada and another organization in order to minimize survey duplication and response burden.
- how to reach Statistics Canada to obtain further information.

Statistics Canada will ask you

- to respond as completely and accurately as possible because your responses are critically important to creating reliable statistics.

Statistics Canada will ensure that

- every survey meets important data needs.
- your business’ information is kept safe and secure.
- our dealings with you are in the official language of your choice.
- strict security measures safeguard your business’ information when it is collected, transmitted and stored.

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