B.6.  Maintenance of an statistical business register  

5.22.        An SBR must be continuously updated to reflect changes in the population of economic entities as accurately as possible. In particular, the number and characteristics of economic units engaged in trade in services normally shift very rapidly, potentially resulting in the rapid aging of SBR data, which soon becomes useless. The SBR should be updated at least annually to record unit creations and deletions, as well as changes in address and stratification variables.

5.23.        New enterprises should be recorded in the SBR as soon as information about them is available, preferably before they start trading, so that information about investment in new buildings and plants can be collected. In addition, changes in the data necessary for the conduct of surveys, such as the addresses of reporting units, should obviously be reflected in the SBR as rapidly as possible.[1]


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[1] Eurostat, Business Registers: Recommendations Manual, para. 4.4.