Conversion from volume (code 7) and number (code 5) to weight (code 8)

Conversion factors used by UNSD to convert volume (code 7) and number (code 5) to weight (code 8) for selected HS Codes.

Converting quantity using specific gravity (volume or number into weight) of a particular commodity can be problematic since it is based on empirical rather than mathematical relationships. The conversion is best done at the national or even sub-national level. In general, broad-based conversions at the national or international level are less accurate by definition and can only serve more general purposes (especially weight) such as transport analysis. Most of the conversion factors shown in the table below were taken from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

HS CodeDescriptionFromToConversion Factor
040110Milk not concentrated nor sweetened < 1% fat781.03
040120Milk not concentrated nor sweetened 1-6% fat781.01
040130Milk and cream not concentrated nor sweetened780.99
040291Milk and cream unsweetened, concentrated780.99
040299Milk and cream nes sweetened or concentrated780.97
040390Buttermilk, curdled milk, cream, kephir, etc.781.02
040490Natural milk products nes781
040700Birds eggs, in shell, fresh, preserved or cooked580.058
040811Egg yolks dried580.244
040819Egg yolks except dried580.073
040891Eggs, bird, not in shell, dried580.244
040899Eggs, bird, not in shell not dried580.073
200911Orange juice, frozen, not fermented or spirited781
200919Orange juice, not fermented, spirited, or frozen781
200920Grapefruit juice, not fermented or spirited781
200930Citrus juice nes (one fruit) not fermented or spirited781
200940Pineapple juice, not fermented or spirited781
200950Tomato juice not fermented or spirited781
200960Grape juice or must not fermented or spirited781
200970Apple juice not fermented or spirited781
200980Single fruit, veg juice nes, not fermented or spirited781
200990Mixtures of juices not fermented or spirited781
210500Ice cream and other edible ice780.7
220110Mineral and aerated waters not sweetened or flavoured781
220190Ice, snow and potable water not sweetened or flavoured781
220210Beverage waters, sweetened or flavoured781
220290Non-alcoholic beverages nes, except fruit, veg juices781
220300Beer made from malt781
220410Grape wines, sparkling781
220421Grape wines nes, fortified wine or must, pack < 2l781
220429Grape wines, alcoholic grape must nes781
220430Grape must, unfermented, except as fruit juice781
220510Vermouth and other flavoured grape wines - pack < 2l781
220590Vermouth and other flavoured grape wines - pack > 2l781
220600Fermented beverages nes (eg cider, perry, mead, etc)781
220820Spirits obtained by distillation780.925
220840Rum and tafia780.925
220850Gin and Geneva780.925
220870Liqueurs and cordials780.925
220890Alcoholic liqueurs nes780.925
240220Cigarettes containing tobacco580.001
270600Tar from coal, lignite or peat, other mineral tars781
270750Aromatic hydrocarbon mixtures from coal tar, nes780.735
270791Creosote oils780.735
270799Coal tar distillation products nes780.735
270820Pitch coke781.14
270900Petroleum oils, crude780.86
271000Petroleum oils other than crude780.86
271210Petroleum jelly780.8
271220Paraffin wax containing <0.75% oil780.8
271290Mineral waxes nes780.8
271311Petroleum coke, not calcined781.14
271312Petroleum coke, calcined781.14
271320Petroleum bitumen781.01
271390Residues of petroleum oils etc. nes781.01
271500Bituminous mix, mastic from asphalt, bitumen/tar/pitch781.04
340311Lubricant <70% petroleum oil, textile or leather use780.9
340319Lubricating oil etc containing <70% petroleum oil nes780.9
340391Lubricants etc, no petroleum oil, textile, leather use780.9
340399Lubricating preparations, zero petroleum content, nes780.9
440110Fuel wood780.725
440121Wood in chips, coniferous780.7
440122Wood in chips, non-coniferous780.7
440130Sawdust, wood waste or scrap780.7
440200Wood charcoal (including shell or nut charcoal)780.4
440310Poles, treated or painted with preservatives780.7
440320Logs, poles, coniferous not treated or painted780.7
440341Logs, Meranti Red780.75
440349Logs, tropical woods nes780.75
440391Logs, Oak (Quercus spp)780.75
440392Logs, Beech (Fagus spp)780.75
440399Logs, non-coniferous nes780.75
440610Ties, railway or tramway, wood not impregnated780.78
440690Ties, railway or tramway, impregnated wood780.78
440710Lumber, coniferous (softwood) thickness < 6 mm780.6
440724Lumber, Virola, Mahogany780.7
440725Lumber, Meranti Red780.7
440726Lumber, White Lauan, White780.7
440729Lumber, tropical wood nes780.7
440791Lumber, Oak (Quercus spp)780.7
440792Lumber, Beech (Fagus spp)780.7
440799Lumber, non-coniferous nes780.7
440910Coniferous wood continuously shaped780.6
440920Non-conifer wood continuously shaped780.7
450110Natural cork, raw or simply prepared780.24
450190Waste cork, crushed, granulated or ground780.24
450200Natural cork, debacked, roughly squared, in blocks etc780.24