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Country Experience: Canada: Responsibilities for quality assurance (ch. 5)

Box V.4 Responsibilities for quality assurance: experience of Canada

In the experience of Canada, there are a number of players involved in the quality assurance of merchandise trade data:

(a)        Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), which is the supplier of the administrative data for imports, performs basic validity editing to ensure that valid codes for all data elements are transmitted to Statistics Canada.  In addition, there is a CBSA amendment programme which is used to correct errors detected by CBSA or the importer.  All amendments are also transmitted to CBSA.  However, there are no CBSA validity checks or an amendment programme for exports, although corrections from exporters are occasionally received;

(b)        The International Trade Division of Statistics Canada performs a series of checks and reasonability edits and imputations on import and export data.  Further, High-value transactions are routinely reviewed and corrected manually where necessary;

(c)        Merchandise trade data are cross-checked against other data series for selected commodities so as to ensure consistency.  Examples of such commodities are energy products, aircraft and agricultural products;

(d)       Prior to dissemination, publically released information is presented to Statistics Canada Senior Management to ensure reasonableness and for further comparison with other data series.

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