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Country experience: Denmark

14.374.        In Denmark, information for the expenditure side of government goods and services n.i.e. is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence. Data on the personal expenditure of officials (ambassadors, military personnel, etc.)  in the host country in which they are located is based on their wages. Importantly, Statistics Denmark assumes that those government officials spend 50 per cent of their salary on personal expenditures in the host country in which they are located. The data for military units, however, is based purely on expenditure data rather than data on wages. 

14.375.        The revenue side of government goods and services n.i.e. is compiled by combining information from different sources. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides lists of embassies and international organizations located in Denmark, which Statistics Denmark contacts to obtain the number of their employees of Danish and foreign origin. Non-responses are supplemented by information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is assumed that government officials of foreign origin located in Denmark spend a similar amount on personal expenditures in Denmark as Danish government officials spend when abroad.  Thus, the number of staff of foreign origin per embassy or international organization located in Denmark is multiplied by the average expenditure on goods and services of Danish government officials located abroad, which Statistics Denmark has previously estimated as described above.