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Country experience: Ireland

14.211.        In Ireland, export sales data for passenger transport are obtained from resident airline and ferry operators through receipts from non-residents for travel to and from Ireland.

14.212.        Direct data on receipts for other types of resident transport companies are not available,  such expenditure by non-resident visitors to Ireland being captured indistinguishably in the travel and tourism receipts (exports). Respondents may provide only their best estimates in respect of the geographical breakdown required, because of the difficulty of knowing the precise country of residence of all their customers. Payments by Irish residents to non-resident transport enterprises, in general, cannot be directly distinguished at present. Such payments (imports) are included in the travel and tourism expenditure data. Receipts by resident airline and shipping companies for freight services provided (exports) to non-residents are obtained from those enterprises, the geographical breakdown being provided on a best estimates’ basis, where necessary.


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