C.8.  Other specific surveys, including health, legal and information technology-enabled)  

 6.87.        Given the high interest in specific sectors, in particular for exports, it may be useful to consider establishing a specialized survey to collect more detailed data on a particular service, such as a detailed breakdown of the services products or activities or detailed information on partner countries or on modes of supply used in such international services transactions). Often, the collection of statistics is motivated by a strong policy demand for more detailed information on one or more service category, when, for example, that category accounts for a substantial share of the economy or employment.

6.88.        Although such a survey may be tailored to respond to the specific national needs, it is important for the information collected to be compatible with the international definitions as outlined in MSITS 2010 for residence, detailed services items and modes of supply, for example. MSITS 2010, in particular, indicates that, for further breakdowns by type of service, the CPC should be used as a guide (see EBOPS 2010, CPC version 2 correspondence table[3]).

6.89.        Finally, it should be noted that if a specific sector and its international transactions are very important for a country, compilers may wish to consider collecting all the required information through a single survey (i.e., not only trade in services between residents and non-residents, but also structural business statistics and/or FATS), and then make decisions as to how to use the data (i.e., classify transactions as trade in services between residents and non-residents or FDI and use some of the information for FATS (i.e., sales/turnover). Such a survey could also be used to collect additional operational data on the activities of these service providers.


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