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Country experience: Costa Rica  

2.23.        In Costa Rica, trade in services statistics are compiled and disseminated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the National Statistical System (SEN) law No. 7839 of November 4,1998, and the Central Bank of Costa Rica (BCCR)  organic law 7558 of November 3, 1995, (with subsequent revisions). The Central Bank’s organic law does not specifically assign the task of compiling trade in services statistics to the BCCR. Article 15(d) of the National Statistical System law No. 7839 officially assigns to the BCCR the task of preparing the basic statistics needed to create national and other macroeconomic accounts. However, the BCCR has no legal basis to request information from the non-financial private sector in order to compile trade in services statistics. Thus, it is not permitted to impose sanctions on entities that do not provide data. In view of that limitation, the staff of the External Sector Statistics Area  (AESE) and the Economic Surveys Area (AEE) have adopted procedures to motivate data providers to report their information, including letters explaining to respondents the importance of providing the requested data and sending them reports based on their statistical contributions, as well as conducting periodic in-person consultations. The average level of response to surveys is 90 percent.[1]


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