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National Practices in Compilation and Dissemination of External Trade Index Numbers
Series F 86
Year 2005

This publication summarizes the collection of technical information on the index numbers of international trade statistics. The United Nations Statistics Division sent out a questionnaire to a number of countries at the beginning of 1999. By 2002, the Division had received responses on compilation practices from a total of 76 countries and one customs union.

The present report describes the compilation practices of each respondent according to the following characteristics:(a) Index number series produced; (b) Source of information; (c) Index calculation methods; (d) Limitations of indices, problems encountered and other methodological observations specific to the country; (e) Release dates; (f) Revision policy; (g) Dissemination; (h) Compiling agency and contact information. The survey results of the survey summarized in this publication include national compilation and dissemination of index numbers of external trade and descriptions of national practices.

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