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5.10.        Different institutional arrangements. The kinds of institutional arrangements in countries, and their governance and mechanism of cooperation, depend on many factors. The designation of the national statistical office as the agency responsible for the dissemination of official statistics and, the coordination of data collection and processing, is the most common practice in countries. Responding to the UNSD questionnaire in 2006, 78 per cent of countries confirmed that the compilation and dissemination of IMTS are normally the responsibility of national statistical offices.[4] However, in the remaining countries, the official international merchandise trade statistics are compiled and disseminated by other governmental agencies, such as statistical departments of the customs administrations, central banks or a dedicated unit in a ministry.


5.16.        Other governmental bodies such as ministries of economy and ministries of trade can also be designated as the agencies responsible for official international merchandise trade statistics. Such arrangements may result in the production of high-quality trade statistics if the designated body follows the recommendations in IMTS 2010 and the good practices described in the present Manual.



[4]  See International Merchandise Trade Statistics: Supplement to the Compilers Manual (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.08. XVII.9 NB E only and Corr. 1), para. 1.3.