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(d) Non-monetary indicators, in particular on the supply of services by modes 2 and 4  These include data on the number of persons crossing borders (or trips), broken down by several classification criteria appropriate for such modes. For countries that have not started compiling trade in services by mode, a possible alternative would be to perform a “conceptual” allocation, as presented in chapter 14, section C. It is good practice to concentrate, at a minimum, on disseminating statistics on an annual basis, using the breakdowns suggested in chapter 16. However, given the strong link of that information with trade and labour mobility policy, it could be of interest to also envisage the compilation of information for shorter periods, for instance on a quarterly basis, at least for main aggregates. Countries are also advised to pay special attention to the dissemination of the relevant structural and reference metadata in order to ensure the correct interpretation of the data. For the other statistics described in chapter 16, section D, given that those are compiled by statisticians in other statistical domains, no particular dissemination practices are detailed in the present Guide other than the general principles described above (see also chapter 20, section D). 


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