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13.27.  Linking various data sources It is vital that compilers avoid approaching businesses multiple times with different surveys covering the same or similar information. Above all, statistical surveys should not request information that the business has already supplied in another data gathering mechanism. The central SBR should be linked to the trade register to enable the analysis of the effects of the international supply of services on production, employment and enterprise performance.[2] The enterprise is the suggested statistical unit to be linked between trade and business statistics; thus, data collected and registered at the level of the declaring unit of trade operators can be aggregated to the level of the whole enterprise via characteristics available in the SBR. The linking of trade and business statistics enables the generation of relevant information on the structure of the international supply of services without collecting additional data from businesses.


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[1] See BPM6 Compilation Guide, para. 1.21.

[2] Seealso chapter 16.