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D.3.  Using linked microdata for purposes of statistics on the international supply of services

10.85.        Linked microdata on enterprises may prove most valuable in compiling FATS and data on modes of supply. Specifically, linking microdata on foreign ownership indicators (available from the business register, company financial statements or other industry sources) will help to identify the target population for FATS surveys and service transactions through mode 3. Moreover, microdata on the characteristics of employees of enterprises who may indicate foreign residence could help in identifying such target populations in relation to mode 4.

10.86.        Microdata on labour statistics and/or the residence of individuals will also help compilers to identify the presence of natural persons for compiling the supply of services through mode 4.

10.87.        Linking microdata can also provide opportunities for the national statistical office to conduct special research studies on many different aspects of the international supply of services that may be of particular interest to the country, such as the characteristics of domestic firms engaged in trade in services, determinants of imports of services and the effect of activities related to foreign affiliates and FDI on the domestic economy.


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[1] See chapter 20 for a more detailed discussion of the release of microdata.

Country experience: United States (Chapter 10)