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7.59.            Cruise ships  For some countries, such as those in the Caribbean, persons arriving aboard a cruise ship represent a very significant share of total arrivals and travel expenditure. The number of passengers aboard and their characteristics in terms of residence are known, as well as the characteristics of the crew. In the case of cruise ships, ferries, yachts and all types of recreational vessels, the captain is usually requested to provide the port authority with a list of passengers and crew on board (a manifest), indicating name, surname, nationality, passport number and any additional information that authorities might decide to request. Expenditures in the country visited occur when cruise passengers disembark, although they might also purchase packages on board to visit places of interest.Cruise ships necessarily use specific moorings, and embarking and disembarking are controlled by customs officers. It is good practice to apply a simplified questionnaire, either to all passengers or to a sample, in order to collect information on their expenditure.


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[1] Note that many mode 4 persons transit through airport lounges.