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3.21.  With the introduction of direct reporting in compiling external statistics, OeNB also initiated close cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Austria to support contacts with the business sector. The two institutions decided to enter into a basic cooperation framework agreement whose main focus is to enhance efficiency in producing and disseminating up-to-date and relevant statistical information. On the one hand, OeNB aims to minimize the cost of statistical production, including the cost of data reporting by both enterprises and the OeNB, by making the utmost use of administrative and register information. On the other hand, OeNB makes efforts to disseminate easily accessible and detailed statistical information to reduce the cost of accessing data. The Chamber of Commerce assists OeNB in fulfilling its tasks by supporting communication with enterprises in various ways, including  offering access to internal media and events and arguing for the importance of statistical information in general. At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce fosters the use of administrative and existing statistical information to keep reporting obligations to a minimum and advocates the simplification of reports, including through the  use of electronic media.


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