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14.104.        The questions below (9 and 10) were put into the field with reporting for the third quarter of 2016. BEA will analyse the results and determine if it possible to publish them as the standard BPM6 components “Goods acquired under merchanting” and “Goods sold under merchanting”.


14.103105.        The second part of the questionnaire (below) is included to make it clear to respondents that goods sold under merchanting less goods purchased under merchanting should be equal to the net merchanting receipts reported. Experience from the previous benchmark survey revealed that it was necessary to make this clarification when following up with several survey respondents who had reported incorrectly.


REPORT IN THOUSANDS   OF U.S. DOLLARS (e.g., report   $1,555,555.00 as 1,556).

Net from Schedule A


Gross Sales


Gross Purchases

















14.105106.        The BEA collected additional detail on merchanting in its 2011 Benchmark Survey of Transactions in Selected Services and Intellectual Property with Foreign Persons, BE-120. The additional detail covered the gross value of sales and purchases of the underlying goods. The BEA included these questions on gross sales and purchases to determine whether it would be feasible for companies to report this information as the standard BPM6 components “Goods acquired under merchanting” and “Goods sold under merchanting.” BEA has determined that it was feasible for companies to report this information.


14.106107.        In France, the Banque de France (BdF) provides the following guidance to respondents for merchanting[2]: