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The Mexican National Survey of Occupation and Employment (Encuesta Nacional de Ocupación y Empleo - ENOE) data (referring to the first quarter of every year) is the source of direct estimates whereas the Population and Housing Census, administrative registers of social security, as well as information published from various public institutions in Mexico, provided auxiliary data (for details see Table 1 from Orozco at al., 2021).

The ENOE is the main source of information on the Mexican labor market and publishes monthly and quarterly estimates of employment, unemployment, labor informality, and underemployment. It provides, besides national figures, estimates for four groups of cities defined according to population sizes, as well as statistics for each of the 32 Mexican states and for 39 cities (INEGI, 2019), however, the 2457 municipalities (under the current geostatistical framework) constitute unplanned domains.