The Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework 2008 (TSA: RMF 2008) provides an updated framework for constructing a Tourism Satellite Account. The purpose of a Tourism Satellite Account is to analyze in detail all the aspects of demand for goods and services associated with the activity of visitors; to observe the operational interface with the supply of such goods and services within the economy, and to describe how this supply interacts with other economic activities. It permits greater internal consistency of tourism statistics with the rest of the country's statistical system, as well as increased international comparability of these data. UNWTO undertook the updating process under the scrutiny of the Inter-agency Coordination Group on Tourism Statistics.

The Manual is available in all UN languages on the UNSD website at:

The previous recommendations were contained in the manual Tourism satellite accounts and approved by the Statistical Commission at its thirty-first session, in 2000 [E/CN.3/2000/21].