National Practices in Compilation and Dissemination of External Trade Index Numbers
Series F 86
Year 2005

This publication summarizes the collection of technical information on the index numbers of international trade statistics. The United Nations Statistics Division sent out a questionnaire to a number of countries at the beginning of 1999. By 2002, the Division had received responses on compilation practices from a total of 76 countries and one customs union.

The present report describes the compilation practices of each respondent according to the following characteristics:(a) Index number series produced; (b) Source of information; (c) Index calculation methods; (d) Limitations of indices, problems encountered and other methodological observations specific to the country; (e) Release dates; (f) Revision policy; (g) Dissemination; (h) Compiling agency and contact information. The survey results summarized in this publication include national compilation and dissemination of index numbers of external trade and descriptions of national practices.

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