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The IMF's Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF) was developed as an assessment methodology that aims to provide structure and a common language for assessing data quality. The DQAF facilitates a comprehensive view of data quality, recognizing interrelations, including tradeoffs, among quality elements, and allows emphases to vary across data categories and uses/users. It facilitates dialogue with national statistical agencies and country authorities and a more homogenous approach to assessing data quality by Fund staff.

The current version (DQAF July 2003) is available

It was introduced at the Fifth Review of the Fund's Data Standards Initiatives and served as an umbrella for seven dataset-specific frameworks. The DQAF July 2003 is a refinement of the preceding July 2001 version to reflect the experience and international statistical developments, particularly updated international methodological standards. The dataset-specific frameworks are available on the IMF’s Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board at